Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ballerina Ambition

Let me get this out of the way first...
No, I have never dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Never did it cross my mind and I don't have any plans to start on it in the near forseeable future.
There! I just really needed to clear that up.

So why am I wearing a tutu? Just because it's fun. I'm even thinking of going snorkeling wearing a pink one. Wouldn't that just be fun?! But I have to buy an underwater cam for that first.
I promise to post it here.

I almost gave my dad a heart attack when I wore this tutu without the leggings. Poor dad. But I love him to death. Peace dad!

On me: Ppl R Ppl shirt, Terranova tutu skirt, SM leggings & headband, Figlia ballet flats, Mango quilted bag


dred said...

i totally love your tutu skirt! and that red bag is uber cute too.

i'm glad i found another cebu-based blogger. adding you to my blogroll.:)

Tzietel said...

i thought for a minute, WTF??!! naa siyay Chanel? abi jud nako... I do love Mango too! green mango i mean... peace D.


love oyur bag!!
kisses from prague
have a wonderful weekend and if you have some time you can see my blog:)