Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pressure and Paranoia

It's a Sunday and I'm trying to chill and relax at home today for I am dreading the next coming weeks. It will be pure hell at work and I wanted to come prepared. Our client is launching a sort of a special project and I'll be one of the guys spearheading it. Needless to say, the success of our account will depend on how our team performs. Not much pressure there, huh?

Waaahhhh... I'm about to cry!
And it also does not help that everybody is nice enough (insert: sarcasm) to remind me of the consequences every effin' minute. Not to mention that the big boss is on our ass every other minute in between. It really is not helping me any. The last thing I need is to stress myself out with it.

I wish they would just back off for a while.
I also wish Jumax was still in the company. *sniff sniff*

Now I'm off to get a foot spa and my nails done. I also plan to get as much sleep as I can. I'm seriously getting paranoid over the possibility of me being late. And I also don't think the clients would appreciate it if they find me sleeping in the middle of the training, no?

Wish me luck everyone!

On me: mom's wrap top, thrifted skirt, Burberry bag, bracelets from Glamour4U, LV & a bazaar, Carlos Santana galdiator shoes

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Revenge Of The Fallen

Because everybody's obsessing over Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen,
because I'm feeling bitter coz I still haven't seen it myself,
and because the lines at the cinemas are pure killers...

I'm dedicating a post to the movie's sizzling hot Megan Fox.

Oh yeah, she's finger-lickin' good! She comes next to Angelina Jolie on my list.
Seriously, could she get any hotter?!!! Life is just not fair. Hmpft!

I'm really diggin' those 20's "finger wave" hairstyle. So sexy!
My sister also wants a remake of the same flapper style on her own hair. So I started to google instructions on how to do it. Geez, I didn't know it was so technical and required a lot of materials and even an overnighter.

Photo Credits: Teddy and Moo

Friday, June 26, 2009

Burnt Orange

Thinking... random thoughts...

Sun, sun, sun
Bone-melting massage

Transformers II


Cool by Gwen Stefani

Laundry again
No bullsh*t!
Foot scrub

Ice-cold houseblend tea
black lace and blush of pink

blonde streaks
work, work, work
first kiss with Collin Lieberman

I practically just grabbed and threw on this outfit one lazy afternoon. I was attempting to evade insomnia but failed miserably so I ended playing dress up instead.

8 hours later, I was holding on for dear life to a venti cup of iced caramel macchiato with 2 extra shots of espresso at work.
Didn't help my mood one bit.
'Nuff said.

On me: mom's shirt
dress, thrifted chiffon dress, Promod leather belt, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Autumn In New York

Here I am again with my autumn obsession. Seriously guys, I think autumn has the best fashion to offer because they have the richest colors ever! I wonder what style autumn would bring us this year around. Now I'm all dreamy-eyed.

Anyway, I just got home from work and I'm planning to cook spicy gambas for lunch. Gawd, I miss Bubba Gump!

Another thing I've been going gaga over are the twister fries from McDonald's, paired with caramel sundae. And yesterday, I also made french toasts and topped it with strawberry ice cream. *yum yum*

No wonder I've gained 50 lbs. these past few weeks. Arghhh!!!! I'm such a weakling. I so hate myself right now.

On me: Bench men's shirt, bubble skirt from Ayala, Icing beaded necklace, Figlia bag, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pizza, Pasta And Some Booze

I woke up on Father's day terribly hungry in the middle of the night. And when I couldn't find any decent food in the fridge, then I turned hungry AND grumbly. Good thing Jumax was also up and we decided to meet up for a carbo-overload session. And this time, we steered clear from our usual breakfast at Bo's.

Instead, we visited our friend's new pizza place and had our fill of pizza (of course!), pasta and beer.

Yes people, you read it right, I had beer!
I don't usually go for them but the pizza would juz go perfectly with the bottle of ice-cold beer.
Ahhh... just perfect for a lazy Sunday.

After pizza, we then went to Ayala mall to buy some gifts and food for our dads. I got my dad another pair of walk shorts. I figured he needed a new one since he has been wearing the one I got him during my last U.S. trip a little too often. Isn't he the cutest!

On me: Terranova racer back, What A Girl Wants cami, shorts from a bazaar, sister's oversized bag, thrifted scarf tied to the bag, Glamour4U earrings, Icing rings, Mags bracelet watch, CMG ballet flats

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Licensed To Drool

On my recent shopping spree, I noticed that I bought quite a number of items in black. I haven't worn them yet since our weather has not yet made up its mind on what season it is going to be. I kid you not when I say that if it rains tonight, the sun then blazes over your head the very next morning. That's how fickle-minded the weather has been lately.

And besides, I didn't want to ruin my latest pair of shoes. Funny how I just want to drool over them and never want to wear them. Is this normal or not? Ha! But they're simply to die for!!!
So go ahead, drool over them. We could all drool together. hahaha...

These amazingly comfortable pants, I got during a recent sale in SM. I was so glad when I discovered them with all the craze going on in such a crowded place. You see, I didn't know they were holding a sale that day.

I also had my annual flu shot this weekend. There's still a gnawing pain on my left arm but I'm just glad I'm not coming down with a fever as it's known to happen after getting a vaccine.

And by the way,

On me: Softcore striped shirt, cropped pants from SM, random bands tied as bracelets, People Are People platforms

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Second Tag Ever!!!

Thanks to Eden of Chic In The Tropics for tagging me.

My 20 Favorite Things

1) COLOR - Black since it never fails to make me look slimmer everytime I have the need for it (which is like all the time!) And I will always love white for it's versatility and freshness.

2) DESSERT- Anything with caramel. These days, it's McDonald's caramel sundae.

3) SMELL - I love the contradiction with Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport for Women. An unlikely choice for me and that's exactly why I love it. For everyday use, I have Bath & Body's sexy Japanese Cherry Blossom.

4) FLOWER - I'm good with anything. I think I would be more into how it is artfully arranged. Yeah, I'm big on flower arranging.

5) ANIMAL - Dog. We have a watch dog at home named Sparky. But all he does is sleep and eat. And he also barks at us coz he does not recognize us when we're wearing our sunnies. Silly dog!

6) MONTH - December for all the obvious reasons. I love the feeling of shopping for gifts and outfits for parties. And Christmas sales are also amazing!

7) BEVERAGE - Nothing beats ice-cold water. And of the alcoholic kind, sicne I don't drink beer, I lean more towards hard drinks such as vodka and tequila.

8) SHOES - Ohhhh... my list could go on forever. But mostly, I go for high heels for drama and platform wedges for comfort.

9) SNACK - Believe it or not, I love that old red Taquitos corn chips. Don't ask me why.

10) SONG/S - My ultimate favorite is Say What You Want by Texas.

11) BOOK - Don't tell anybody but I'm actually a romantic. Anything from Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts, etc. Darn! This is going to ruin my reputation.

12) FRUIT - Seedless grapes!!! I'm notorious for eating up all our grapes on New Year's Day.

13) HAIRSTYLE - I would be forever thankful to sideswept bangs. They really help a lot with my uber round face.

14) PIECE/S OF CLOTHING - If there's anything that I have overused, it's gotta be my dad's white shirt. I love it to death! And I love my dad too!!!

15) STORES TO SHOP - Thrift shops are the BEST!!! Trust me on this one.

16) SEASON - We only have summer and rainy season here. Between the two, I can easily choose summer for the sun and the beach. But I also wish we had fall here. Outfits during this season are always the juiciest.

17) HOBBY - You put me anywhere with internet and I'd be the happiest girl ever. Other than that, I love to read. Told ya I'm a geek.

18) THINGS TO COLLECT - Definitely shoes! I've got boxes and boxes of them. They are some that I have already forgotten that I had.

19) MOVIE - Last Samurai never fails to make a cry baby out of me every time.

20) RESTAURANT - I really don't have anything in particular. I'd go anywhere with good food and ambiance. Yeah, ambiance matters a lot to me.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot Choco Is My Personal Shrink

Went out again for breakfast with my dear friend and constant Bo's partner, Jumax. I'm so glad I've got a friend whom I can call when I'm feeling shitty and someone who makes me feel better just by being there. Love you loads, Jumax!!!

As I was saying, I was feeling shitty (a.k.a. stressed much) because of work lately. And I could just imagine how it'll turn worse, then to worst, during the coming weeks.
Please do pray for my soul. And don't be too surprised if I won't get to post soon. It'll only mean that I didn't survive and died from stressing. Ha!

It seems that our Bo's sessions have been becoming frequent lately. We call these sessions as therapy sessions (and the hot choco are our own shrinks?).
And this time, the busy Rap joined us for a little catching up too.

Above: Jumax & Rap. Below: Moi & Rap

We also did a little gift hunting for Rap's husband for their wedding anniv. Yahoo for you guys!
(F.Y.I. My contribution was stapling the gift bag together. Hahaha! I just had to add that in.)

I also saw another bookshop but this time, I was too sleepy to check out their goodies. Bummer! (On geek mode again.)

On me: thrifted cardigan, thrifted skirt, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Vivacci MJs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

50% Harvard Geek

I feel such a geek in this outfit and I'm lovin' it!!!
I was by Booksale yesterday and was book thrifting for hours. Booksale is a bookstore which sells used books and at a lesser price. It's the thriftshopping version for books.

And yeah, I am a geek for 50% of my time.

I was also bread shopping on that same day. I bought some fancy bread with some fancy design. Aren't they the cutest!

That cardigan I have on, I call my granny cardigan and I got it for only Php50 ($1) at a thrift store. Talk about cheap thrill! Gotta love 'em thriftshops!!!

On me: thrifted cardigan, What a Girl Wants cami, thrifted polka-dot skirt, Raphaella Booz platform wedges, vintage shoulder bag, random jeweled bracelet

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Told You So

It has been raining like crazy these past few days and just now while I'm typing this, strong winds are causing me to shut our windows close.

Now this weather may come as a relief for some who have been dying of summer's heat stroke, but 'lil ol' me is hating it right now. You see, my mom has been reminding me to save some moolah for me to get my own car but I have been too busy shopping for clothes and shoes. So serves me right that I'm still commuting to work and the rain these days is ruining my beautiful shoes.

I could already hear my mom saying "I told you so." *Sigh* Mothers! Will they ever be wrong?!!!

So I'm still rocking these tan booties of mine since I have realized that they're my best bet with this rainy season and car-less days.

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photos. Mom had to take them for me and she may not be the best photog around here.
But I still love you Mom! lol.

On me: Ashley by 26 International jacket, random racer back, random skinny jeans, Charles & Keith convertible bag, booties from SM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Social Life: Mission Accomplished

Part II of my attempt to resurrect my social life from the dead.

This time, I went out supposedly for coffee with "The Gels." But this plan turned out to be dinner, then coffee, then the bookstore. And add to that a little window shopping. I am still on the lookout for a new pair of dark, oversized sunnies to replace my broken one.

Thanks to the pouring rain that day, we all ended up leaving late and the lovely Sun-kissed Dreamer had to pick each one of us up.
And thank God for that too 'coz it was seriously flooding right outside our house.
Drainage system? What drainage system?!!! Our subdivision is such a failure.

So the rain and flood gave me an idea of what to wear for that night. I thought it would have been appropriate to don some booties and sweater to go with the weather.

And boy was I glad to have gone out that night inspite of the rain. We had dinner at Mooon Cafe for some Mexican food then had coffee at UCC to try their Jap coffee. And let me also tell you that my eyes practically bulged out when I saw their prices. Php300++ ($7) for one effing slice of a cake!!! I could already get a 12-inch Subway sandwich that could last me an entire day with that.

L-R: moi, Kendi of monologues of the mentally misbegotten, G, Alele & Toni of Sun-kissed Dreamer

UCC's iced Irish cream espresso coffee and their button to call for a server

We then proceeded to Fully Booked (an uber cool bookstore) where we all morphed to the geeks that we truly were. Ha! I got to purchase 2 books which I don't think I'll ever get to read. I know... sad, just sad.
This was then followed by a photoshoot session right outside the bookstore since they don't allow photographs inside.

things we found along the way: green apples, Belo Medical Center (and no, I didn't get anything done)

I'm just so glad that I got to do this with The Gels and got to catch up with them inspite everyone's busy schedule. I hope I would get to join more of their sessions.

I also got to see a lot of the usual party people that night, the usual weekend crowd. Nice catching up with them too.

Overdressed Me's social life: Mission Accomplished!

On me: thrifted sweater, Topshop footless leggings, booties from SM, CHarles & Keith convertible bag

Photo Credits: Thanks to Rose with her fancy DSLR and to G for putting up with my crazy photo moments!