Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Like Any Fable

On our last day in Palawan, we decided to go to Estrella Falls. It was a 3-hour drive from our place and had unpaved road in some parts of the trip. Hearing this, I then decided that I would not enjoy this activity. But just like any fable in the bible, I learned otherwise.

What do you know, I actually ended up ass-deep in their ice-cold water to babysit the little cousins and actually enjoyed it. I even gave piggyback rides. *Gasp*

I also jumped off the falls and ended up with a stub on my foot and bruises all over my leg. And not to mention a badly bruised (think dark purple) swollen finger. God, it's even hard to type this post right now. Who knew the middle finger was so useful. Now I have more reason to flash the dirty finger and get away with it. Ha!

goofing around with my cool cousins, Marvin & Michael

And yeah, we also had the appearance of the usual crew of monkeys. They were hovering over us while we were eating lunch. I knew we should have taken that crash course on How To Defend From Monkey Attacks For Dummies.

On me: dress from Ayala, polka-dot two piece from Ayala, thrifted silk scarf, Ann Taylor sandals, Icing bead necklace, Glamour4U earrings & ring, bracelet from a bazaar


Tzietel said...

the first photo shouts: ako ay isang model sa sapa... hahaha. the white dress and background is awesome! na suya ko sa inyong trip...huhuhuhu. adto niya ta pag uli nako, its nice nga barkada napud ang kuyog nimo. your photos made me miss pinas samot. wah! davao here i come...lol!

Anonymous said...

i loooove the dress D! so chic! and just like what Tzietel said, the background is just awesome! if given the chance, id visit Palawan over Bora. i so envy u! :)

Overdressed Me said...

let's all go to Palawan then. now na!