Monday, June 22, 2009

Pizza, Pasta And Some Booze

I woke up on Father's day terribly hungry in the middle of the night. And when I couldn't find any decent food in the fridge, then I turned hungry AND grumbly. Good thing Jumax was also up and we decided to meet up for a carbo-overload session. And this time, we steered clear from our usual breakfast at Bo's.

Instead, we visited our friend's new pizza place and had our fill of pizza (of course!), pasta and beer.

Yes people, you read it right, I had beer!
I don't usually go for them but the pizza would juz go perfectly with the bottle of ice-cold beer.
Ahhh... just perfect for a lazy Sunday.

After pizza, we then went to Ayala mall to buy some gifts and food for our dads. I got my dad another pair of walk shorts. I figured he needed a new one since he has been wearing the one I got him during my last U.S. trip a little too often. Isn't he the cutest!

On me: Terranova racer back, What A Girl Wants cami, shorts from a bazaar, sister's oversized bag, thrifted scarf tied to the bag, Glamour4U earrings, Icing rings, Mags bracelet watch, CMG ballet flats


Cheryl said..., pasta and for me coca-cola. I don't like the bitter taste of beer actually. I love your gray shorts and the racer back tops. :)

Btw, I've already done the 20 fave things. In fact,that tagging game has just turned full circle with you tagging me.;) Please check my answers here:

Nevertheless,thanks for the tag!

che idrees said...

Nice bag :)
I love the top as well!
Beer and pizza? not bad! Miss the san mig light ah! wala dito niyan eh.. :))

Tzietel said...

miss san mig too! nice outfit D... mwah!

sarah said...

Cute outfit, love the addition of the pink scarf.

cherie said...

yum! pizza, pasta and beer, I've got a craving tuloy! I love the pink scarf detail :D

Toni said...

i love the racer back top!
and yes, the pink scarf too :D