Monday, June 1, 2009

No Monkey Business Allowed

On our third day in Palawan, we went to the Subterranean River Park a.k.a Underground River.

We were also planning to take their 2-hour monkey trail but decided against it since it would have taken too much of our time. Also, because no one took the crash course on Defense From Monkey Attack 101. Hahaha. No kidding. We were actually warned not to carry plastic bags coz the monkeys would attack us thinking the plastics carry food.

And besides, if I really wanted to see monkeys, I already know a few number of people who closely resemble one. Ehem ehem. Ha! I hope they're not reading this. But if they are, peace out! You know I luhv you.

So back to the underground river. We actually got an eyeful of bats and those small birds responsible for the bird's nest soup that I adore. We actually took a ride on this banca (small boat) for 45-minutes through the cave. Kudos to our banca guide for the amazing stories he told and most especially for his jokes and punchlines with perfect timing.

You guys should visit Palawan. It should be on your bucket list or something. I fully recommend it. I guess we all need a monkey scare at least once in our life. Hahaha.

P.S. I swear I'm about to make life vests that look fashionable and with better cut. Those orange ones were hideous and I had to wear them everytime we're on water.

On me: nautical dress from Walmart, nautical tankini from SM, thrifted silk scarf, Ann Taylor sandals


mykeL recycLe said...

hmpft! watch your word ate ha! ooppss.. guilty? hahaha.. ang dodas mo! miss you!

Eden said...

palawan really looks like a dream. monkey trail?! hahaha.. sounds fun.. looks like you really had a blast! i'll take up on your suggestion and go there one day,thats for sho!

btw thanks for adding me in facebook love!

<3 ya!