Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What the hell is wrong with me these days?!!!
I have been dragging myself and squeezing myself to death for more creative juice. And I'd hate to go all melodramatic about this but I'm just not feeling inspired at all. I think I'm feeling depressed.
Or maybe just bored.
Both of which are just sad.

I hope this phase would be a quick one and that I'll get over it very soon.

I seriously only have 3 minutes to spare to post this entry before I leave for work so this is going to be a quick one.
'Till my next post then. That's if I don't die of depression/boredom.

On me: thrifted jacket, Bench men's V-neck shirt, thrifted polka-dot skirt, Carlo Santana shoes


Rebecca Rose said...

Hey gorgeous I hope you will feel better soon. I love the whole ensemble. Your shoes rock :)

Anonymous said...

looking good D! mine nalang ur shoes! HAHA

shopping is the best therapy, btw =D

che idrees said...

awwww... hope you feel better na :)
I love your outfit pa nmn! hehe..

cheer up!xxxx

Tzietel said...

im so bored too!!! even after the vacay, i feel lost... sigh... planning to go home and might have DXB-HKG-CEB flight... but still looking for cheap fares... u want to go to hongkong disneyland for 2-3 days with me? maybe mickey and minnie can cheer us up...LOL!

Overdressed Me said...

no thanks, i already had enough of mickey & minnie while i was in california. hahaha.

and i already got tickets for singapore. im juz deciding on the dates. wanna join me there instead?

Tzietel said...

i've been there last year, pero sure... let's go sago! hahaha... we should go to Malaysia as well. what's ur dates?