Monday, June 15, 2009

I Told You So

It has been raining like crazy these past few days and just now while I'm typing this, strong winds are causing me to shut our windows close.

Now this weather may come as a relief for some who have been dying of summer's heat stroke, but 'lil ol' me is hating it right now. You see, my mom has been reminding me to save some moolah for me to get my own car but I have been too busy shopping for clothes and shoes. So serves me right that I'm still commuting to work and the rain these days is ruining my beautiful shoes.

I could already hear my mom saying "I told you so." *Sigh* Mothers! Will they ever be wrong?!!!

So I'm still rocking these tan booties of mine since I have realized that they're my best bet with this rainy season and car-less days.

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photos. Mom had to take them for me and she may not be the best photog around here.
But I still love you Mom! lol.

On me: Ashley by 26 International jacket, random racer back, random skinny jeans, Charles & Keith convertible bag, booties from SM


Eden said...

love the bag, love the booties! wow, i went to SM last night=shoe heaven! nabuang ko. who would have thought na they would be so fashion forward na.:)

much love

Tzietel said...

How could you complain of heat stroke???!!! When i'm suffering from 45-50 degrees here in Dubai? lol! Dont worry too much about the car, i still dont have one after spending about PHP 125,000 for my bloody license!!!

license =s second hand car! even with this very low car price and petrol cost, im not tempted coz toll fee is PHP 208 roundtrip, parking fine starts from 2500, overspeeding at 7500... hence pulubi ko, walay kwarta...heheheh... marama kaau ang pesteng dubai! and they call it tax haven!!!... i love your posts... you do need to go out a lot! miss our starbucks days!!!

che idrees said...

I love the shoes :)
and the bag is just right with your shoes! the picture is actually good dont worry about it...


FHCN said...

That jacket is too cute and the bag is very college chic. Also, love the sunglasses!

Cheryl said...

Hello, I've been following your blog and I like it a lot! I too am a Filipina blogger but is now based here in Spain. Is it okay with you if we exchange links? :)


Cheryl said...

Hello,it's me again. Just dropping by to thank you for linking with me and I've linked with you too.:)

Eden said...

HI d, tagged you btw for a bit of Q&A. please answer it when you can, just check out my new entry:) btw, did you get my wall post about the event?

much love


Tzietel said...

here's the link as promised...

i'm a certified socialite...hahaha