Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Second Tag Ever!!!

Thanks to Eden of Chic In The Tropics for tagging me.

My 20 Favorite Things

1) COLOR - Black since it never fails to make me look slimmer everytime I have the need for it (which is like all the time!) And I will always love white for it's versatility and freshness.

2) DESSERT- Anything with caramel. These days, it's McDonald's caramel sundae.

3) SMELL - I love the contradiction with Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport for Women. An unlikely choice for me and that's exactly why I love it. For everyday use, I have Bath & Body's sexy Japanese Cherry Blossom.

4) FLOWER - I'm good with anything. I think I would be more into how it is artfully arranged. Yeah, I'm big on flower arranging.

5) ANIMAL - Dog. We have a watch dog at home named Sparky. But all he does is sleep and eat. And he also barks at us coz he does not recognize us when we're wearing our sunnies. Silly dog!

6) MONTH - December for all the obvious reasons. I love the feeling of shopping for gifts and outfits for parties. And Christmas sales are also amazing!

7) BEVERAGE - Nothing beats ice-cold water. And of the alcoholic kind, sicne I don't drink beer, I lean more towards hard drinks such as vodka and tequila.

8) SHOES - Ohhhh... my list could go on forever. But mostly, I go for high heels for drama and platform wedges for comfort.

9) SNACK - Believe it or not, I love that old red Taquitos corn chips. Don't ask me why.

10) SONG/S - My ultimate favorite is Say What You Want by Texas.

11) BOOK - Don't tell anybody but I'm actually a romantic. Anything from Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts, etc. Darn! This is going to ruin my reputation.

12) FRUIT - Seedless grapes!!! I'm notorious for eating up all our grapes on New Year's Day.

13) HAIRSTYLE - I would be forever thankful to sideswept bangs. They really help a lot with my uber round face.

14) PIECE/S OF CLOTHING - If there's anything that I have overused, it's gotta be my dad's white shirt. I love it to death! And I love my dad too!!!

15) STORES TO SHOP - Thrift shops are the BEST!!! Trust me on this one.

16) SEASON - We only have summer and rainy season here. Between the two, I can easily choose summer for the sun and the beach. But I also wish we had fall here. Outfits during this season are always the juiciest.

17) HOBBY - You put me anywhere with internet and I'd be the happiest girl ever. Other than that, I love to read. Told ya I'm a geek.

18) THINGS TO COLLECT - Definitely shoes! I've got boxes and boxes of them. They are some that I have already forgotten that I had.

19) MOVIE - Last Samurai never fails to make a cry baby out of me every time.

20) RESTAURANT - I really don't have anything in particular. I'd go anywhere with good food and ambiance. Yeah, ambiance matters a lot to me.

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che idrees said...

thanks for the tag :) will defo answer that soon!xxxx

SouLBoutiQue said...

yay to thift stores. But now everyone is on them. long are the day when you could find gucci clutches and ferragamos in the store for a CHEAP price...sigh. and shoes. how on earth do you arrange all yours? I need help! nice blog!

Tzietel said...

this is the best post so far!
made me miss u more... we're the same shoe size right? let me know so ill shop for u as well next time i go... its all sale here in Dubai. We have the Summer Festival- All malls are on sale!

Eden said...

i love texas and say what you want too.:) but summer son would be my favorite.:) see you and dawnie soon!

much love


Cheryl said...

lol on the dog and sigh on the shoes.;)Missed McDo caramel sundae.Would love to go to ukay but sadly there is only 1 thrift store in here and the choices are limited. Thanks for sharing all of these. :)