Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reasons To Hit The Gym

Went out for grocery shopping last weekend wearing this. I needed something light and easy since the heat here in Cebu is just unbearable.

I could have easily gone to the beach to cool off but my body's just not ready for the required dress code, or lack thereof.
Ok! So I'm fat right now. Fatter than I usually am. Urgh! I'm just so frustrated. It also doesn't help that I have been too lazy to get my arse to the gym. I know, serves me right. *sigh*

This way oversized bag was a birthday gift I got for myself. LOL! Selfish much.
Since it is another convertible bag (hand, shoulder and sling bag), I plan to use it for my upcoming trip to Australia.
And yes, that's another good reason for me to hit the gym asap. So help me God!

On me: What A girl Wants lace cami, Dunhill men's shirt, Ayala bottoms, Promod bib necklace, Figlia ballet flats, Mags oversized bag

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ballerina Ambition

Let me get this out of the way first...
No, I have never dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Never did it cross my mind and I don't have any plans to start on it in the near forseeable future.
There! I just really needed to clear that up.

So why am I wearing a tutu? Just because it's fun. I'm even thinking of going snorkeling wearing a pink one. Wouldn't that just be fun?! But I have to buy an underwater cam for that first.
I promise to post it here.

I almost gave my dad a heart attack when I wore this tutu without the leggings. Poor dad. But I love him to death. Peace dad!

On me: Ppl R Ppl shirt, Terranova tutu skirt, SM leggings & headband, Figlia ballet flats, Mango quilted bag

Monday, March 15, 2010

Major Bling Bling

I was feelin' like a cross between some ghetto girl and a 70's disco ball in this top. Lol.
But I had major fun wearing it.

That was until I realized that my sequins were shooting off twinkle-like reflections on anything it could catch.

Talk about attention-grabbing wherever I go. It was pretty much equivalent to wearing a pink flashing neon sign.

But what the heck...
C'est la vie!

Wore this while satisfying my sushi craving. Lately, I've noticed myself turning Japanese.

On me: thrifted sequined top, Urban Outfitters blazer, Mango skinnys, Chelsea footwear, random rings & bracelets

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soda Vs. Coffee

I used to be a coffee addict a few years back.
That was before I stayed in the hospital for four days due to a stomach complication caused by endless cups of coffee I have been drinking.
So I guess that was the end of my coffee days.

These days though, there are still times when I get no sleep and I'm supposed to get to work with little energy.
My new pick-me-up energizer? Soda! At least a liter of it.
Thanks to this sugar-loaded carbonated drink, I can still do a straight 10-hour shift without dropping dead in the middle of it.

Anyway, it's summer here in the Philippines and I could kill for a glass of ice-cold water right now.

Hot? Go figure!

On me: dress from Ayala, random woven belt, Ppl R Ppl gladiators, F21 floppy hat

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear John

Celebrated my birthday last week and did a Ladies Night - minus the male stripper. (Though it would have been uber fun if we had one. Lol.) What we had overflowing though were loads of drinks: sangria, frozen margarita & vodka lemon drops. The margaritas were a hit!

And no sir, we're not alcoholics, sir no sir! Hahaha! What a fun night we had!

What I wore...

On another note, I can't wait to watch "Dear John". Another tearjerker movie from one of Nicholas Sparks' books. And I'm already in love with their OST - Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright.

On me: Giordano denim jacket, bandage dress from SM Dept. Store, footwear from People Are People, random owl necklace

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting Summer Early

Here's a head start to summer...

My boss treated the entire team to this waterpark here in Cebu, Imperial Palace. I have been in the beach for two weekends in a row now and I'm simply loving my tan. It also wouldn't hurt if I had the perfect bikini bod too. But I'm not complaining. Ha!

I tried my darnest to look for a floppy straw hat but can't seem to find one. It would have gone well with my summer look. I found one on F21. Now all I need to worry is how to have it shipped here.

The water slides that I was too chicken to ride. Boo for me!
Though, their international buffet was too perfect for indulgence.

Beach person that I am, I simply cannot wait for summer to officially come!
Please come very soon, pwetty pweeeaasee....!!!

Special mention: Thanks to mah friend Prinkay for "playing" around with my photos.

On me: Tropikal Relik maxi dress, Speed Control swimwear (underneath), Ann Taylor sandals

Another Weekend Escapade

My family and I decided to drive for hours last early November and went to Santander - the northern peak-most of Cebu. We stayed at an uncle's resort there then took a barge and crossed to a nearby island, Dumaguete.

We walked for hours, ate their famous Sans Rival, had candlelight dinner by the beach, and fed fishes while swimming. Too bad we didn't get any photos. But it was still a blast!

Mom and Dad

This is really not a fashion-related post. Just wanted to share with y'all what I have been doing during my long hiatus.

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Island Getaway

I was at this Pandanon Island last October for a double birthday celebration of my friends.

The place had this long strip of sandbar which was just absolutely amazing!
Unfortunately, I failed to take loads of photos since I was still depressed at that time because of all the weight that I gained.
I know, vain much. But I just couldn't help it. I was so pathetic!

Breathtaking sunrise. Me and my friends rode off back home with this as our view. Weren't we just lucky?!!!

On me: white shorts and striped off-shoulder top from Ayala, Speed Control string bikini (underneath), random wayfarers

Monday, February 15, 2010

Old Victorian Lady

So I found more old photos of mine during my hiatus.

This time, I'm featuring a very few photos from Glam Night at work last September.
I decided to ditch the usual gown and dress and wore this ruffled top that my sis found at a thrift shop.

The top's details and materials are just beautiful!!!

I just realized that I look like I had an overdose of some tanning lotion in these photos. Ha!

On me: thrifted ruffles top, thrifted pencil skirt

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back on Valentines Day

Hello lovies!!!!

So I've been gone for a long time, and I would have never thought that I'd be back posting here again. But I was surfing the web one day and found myself checking fashion blogs and my own blog once more. Much to my surprise, I found 14 new comments on my last post here. And it's been what... seven freaking months!!!

I missed you all. So here I am again.
Though I can't promise that I'll have new posts everyday, like I used to, but I'll try my hand again in keeping this blog updated.

Here are some of my lost photos, taken during my aunt's wedding last August. I know, I know... so long time ago.

Partying too hard? Not! I was such a poser. Ha!

On me: thrifted top, harem pants from SM Dept. Store, quilted clutch still from SM, Figlia strappy sandals, random necklace and bracelets

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boredom Is Dangerous

So I must be crazy. Or at least that's what my sister thinks.

You would not believe half the things I have been doing these past few days ever since my lappie went into rehab. I've had nothing to do and was already bored to death so I've been doing stuff which would usually take a lot of coercing/threatening/blackmailing before I would willingly do them.

Just to name a few of them:

I actually got to read an entire magazine and not just flipped through the pages/pictures.
I also managed to add more lbs. thanks to the my food outing everyday after work.
And the craziest thing I have done has got to be when I decided to set up my own personal spa & salon at home. I have taken to doing my own foot scrub with mani & pedi, my own hair color with hot oil and I even ended up cutting my own hair.


See what I meant when I said boredom is dangerous?
So I'm begging you to please bring back my lappie and save me from myself.

On me: Promod tunic shirt, white jacket from Surplus, leggings from SM, Promod feather necklace, clutch bag from SM, People Are People sunnies, CMG ballet flats

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying My Darnest

So I did mention on my previous post that I might go on M.I.A. for quite a while due to my lappie being thrown into rehab for the meantime. But I also remember promising that I'll still try my darnest to do an update if I can.

So this is where my little story begins.
Honestly, I am in no condition to be blogging right now. Aside from the fact that I have stayed up for 32 hours already, I am also on a sugar rush high in my pathetic attempt to stay up for another 6 hours. I'm amazing, am I not?

Just say yes, dammit!!! My temper is kinda short-fused with my lack of sleep right now.

Now let me also tell you another story about the photos posted in this entry.
I may be all smiling in them but I'll have you know that I went through a lot just to have them taken.

Apparently, it rained the night before so the grass was still wet while I laid on it.
And right after having the shots taken, I immediately felt itchy all over my exposed arms and legs. I don't even want to know what were on the grass. All I know is that my skin is now red all over and has itchy, little swollen dots.
Geeez... I never knew I had such sensitive skin. I'm just tragic right now!

So this is me trying my darnest... all for the sake of fashion blogging.

On me: mom's white shirt, What A girl Wants cami, thrifted maxi dress, Fossil trinity necklace, People Are People sunnies, sister's white thong sandals

Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Facts About Me

I got an award today from Honey of Playing Dress-Up.

So I'm supposed to tell you of 10 true things about me that you may not know.
So here goes...

  1. I read books backwards, from end to start.
  2. The grey streaks on my hair are natural, not artificially colored. I had them since I was a kid.
  3. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies and romance novels. Actually, I'm writing a romance story right now.
  4. I also have a thing with romance movies where the heroine/hero dies a poignant death.
  5. My favorite junkfood are those locally made Taquitos in red packages. I think it's the one in beef flavor.
  6. I grew fond of cooking from my mom and now cooks off from recipes I find on the internet.
  7. I originally wanted to be a teacher or a pediatrician. Then I realized I was not so good with kids. So I took up Information Technology since computers don't have feelings.
  8. I hate packing for a trip. I pack at the 11th-est hour.
  9. I spend weeks waiting for Preview's latest issue but only spend an average of 6 minutes flipping through the pages.
  10. I am terribly conscious of my thick thighs. And I also want to get a nose job.

I really had fun thinking of 10 trivial things about myself, especially since I have a big mouth that simply blabs away just about anything under the sun.

So I'm passing this award to those blogs that I also love! If you get it, do the same by putting in 10 facts about you that not so many may know and tag other bloggers with the same award.

I'm tagging...

Chic In The Tropics

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My Sweet Revenge

F.Y.I This may also be my last post for a long while. My dear lappie just crashed on me, I guess because of overuse. So I may not be able to post much for the coming weeks. But I'll still try my darnest, I promise!

That 70's Show

I felt like I was going out for a party instead of work when I wore this silver, electric-pleated skirt. Here I go with my electric pleats fever again.
I saw this at a thrift store and fell in love with its clean lines and disco-ball shine. It actually reminds me of 70's disco nights.

But since I was headed for work, I decided to pair it up with my usual white collared shirt to look more office-ish, and some black to toughen up the look.

Now remember those Marilyn Monroe moments I was talking about on my previous post? Well I had another taste of it while wearing this skirt. The skirt is actually made of a very lightweight material that sways seductively everytime I move.
And the blowing wind that day also did not help me any.

On me: mom's white shirt, thrifted electric-pleat skirt, random necklace, Topshop footless leggings, People Are People shoes

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tender Loving Care

It's almost my restday from work and I'm just dying to get some decent sleep around here. It's unbelievable how exhausted I have been at work this week and I did not even realize it until it hit me.

It got so bad today to the point that I immediately zonked out the minute I got home, still with my full work clothes on. And to make things worse, I''m also experiencing some kind of memory gap. I keep losing my stuff, not remembering where I left them.

Not good signs, I know.

But I'm not entirely worried since I know that it's nothing that a good beauty sleep and some pampering wouldn't cure. I'm planning to visit the salon and spa over the weekend for some TLC. And of course, I plan to get some blissful sleep and maybe even sleep until past noon.

On me: thrifted lace dress, random camisole, Carlos Sanatana glad shoes, random bracelets from bazaar, Figlia oversized bag

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'll Stop The World & Melt With You

I'll stop the world and melt with you
You've seen the difference and

It's getting better all the time

There's nothing you and I won't do
I'll stop the world and melt with you...

Yep, I'm listening to some Jason Mraz tunes and I'm lovin' it.
Sunny day we have today and somehow it reminds me of the beach with some reggae songs playing in the background.

But since going to the beach is just not possible right now with my crazy work schedule, so I settled to spending some quality time with friends over pizza & pasta, and of course, some gossip on the sides.

L-R: Bart, Flem, Aiys

I had a great time guys! It was great to chill out with you and not talk about work and stress for a change. Hope this is not our last.

Wish Lynel and Charlie were there too! We missed you guys!

On me: thrifted cardigan, sister's sheer dress, random cami, LV & Ann Taylor hinged bracelt, Figlia sandals

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garage Sale

My mom has been nagging me endlessly to stop shopping for clothes. I think if I were still 9 years old, she'd surely put a ban on me and ground me for weeks if I disobeyed. Aren't I glad I'm already beyond that?!

Now here, it's not that my mom has anything against fashion. It's just that I really have no more space for all of my clothes. Well, unless I decide to use my bed as a makeshift closet and completely forgo sleeping in the process.
So not happening!

So I thought of doing some sort of garage sale. I absolutely have no idea how to go about it so I'm just glad that I have tons of friends who offered to help me, while the rest of them have demanded to get the first pick on the items. Selfish much?

Now I'm all giddy and excited over this since this will be my first time to do a garage sale.
And I have already decided that the proceeds will definitely go to my shopping bills. Anything extra from that would simply mean another shopping escapade for moi.
Gawd, I'm so predictable already. Lol.

On me: thrifted lace top, What A Girl Wants cami, thrifted jumper skirt, Vivacci rust MJs