Sunday, November 30, 2008

Autumn Here, Now

Leggings and stockings always remind me of autumn. And this outfit makes me want to have autumn here in our tropical island.

Check out the details of the dress. They actually remind me of those big, summer hankies that are oh so popular in tropical islands.

The dress was very challenging for me to wear since it is actually from Gap's children collection, hence the short hemline. Not to mention that I always look ridiculous in a babydoll dress. But I still love the ribbon-tie, so cute!

On me: Gap babydoll dress, mom's black cardigan, sheer leggings, Marithe+Francois Girbaud bag, unknown pumps

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fish Tails

Dropped by a few shops to check out their new arrivals. Wore this shirt-dress that had extra cloth at each side, which looked like fish tails to me. I tied the extra cloth on one side to avoid adding unwanted extra weight to myself.

Got this watch and I liked its rich and aged look, it's almost aristocratic.
Also went by a bookstore and became the geek that I truly am. I'm currently reading Indian Mutiny by Pratima Mitchelle and also got a journal entitled Live Like You Were Dying Journal.

On me: Betty leggings, thrifted shirt dress, SM dept. store skinny belt, Celine pumps

Friday, November 28, 2008

Moss Purple

Many of my friends have been asking where I got my nails polish. I have been recently going around town wearing my obnoxiously loud purple nails.

I got them at a local department store while I was hunting for cheap finds & they were only for Php28.00.

The entire collection has these other obnoxiously loud colors (imagine neon & highlighted colors). They also had these girly pinks, some neutrals and dark edgy colors.

I'm a big fan of dark colors, just not black. Also love the classic red.

The brand is in no way connected to Kate Moss. It would have been so chicka if it were, don't ya think?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chanel Flap Bag

Chanel is love!
I have been lusting for a classic Chanel flap bag for quite a while already.

And I want them with the gold hardware around the straps. Both the ivory and black versions are to die for. There's just something about it's quilted look...

Christmas is near people. *wink wink*

Twilight & More Plaid

Went out with my sis to watch the first showing of "Twilight". We missed the first 10 minutes of the movie since we were still out purchasing munch food. No prob though since I plan to buy it when it comes out in DVD.

The movie was just so-so. I'm glad I didn't read the entire book else I would have felt dissapointed especially with all its hype going on.

Wore the red belt again just in case the heat would be too much for the jacket. I didn't want to wear pure black on black. My mom got the jacket for me from a thrift store. She thought of getting it after I raided their closet looking for a vintage, plaid shirt.

On me: thrifted plaid jacket, unknown buttoned spaghetti, skinny belt, black skinny jeans, black Celine pumps

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Red Soles

So I have been wearing my new fave black pumps for the past few days (yes, even during those days when I had my sprain). I wore it again yesterday, after staying off heels for 3 straight days. I invited my mom, dad & sis to a late lunch at Casa Verde.

The shoes has this red soles but in no way are they Christian Louboutin's. Gawd, I wish! Anyway, the brand is completely unknown.

I actually just recently got them for only Php299 at Ayala dept. store. I was scouring the place for high, "non-cork" wedges when I found them. And since they were so cheap, I just had to get them!

On me: black cardigan from mom's closet, thrifted skirt, red skinny belt, Marithe+Francois Girbaud bag, unknown black pumps

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So today was my last day at work before I take my days off. **Yeah, I work on weekends, bummer!** I wore another belted pleated skirt. People at work already noticed that I favor the "cheerleader" look. Not really, I just like wearing skirts minus the hassle of always sitting like a lady.

I had these shoes for like an eternity but only got to wear them today. I had to dig them out 'coz I'm still off the heels with my sprain. I got the skirt during the recent Ayala sale.

Heels are the solution to all problems! lol.

On me: Tee Party shirt, Kashieca pleated skirt, skinny belt from SM dept. store & footwear from Celine.

Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been so brave the past week... shopping around in heels!

And because of this, I'm currently nursing a sprain. I have to stay off my foot & avoid weights, doctor's orders. But watevs! I work for a living too, you know. So I borrowed my sis' flats and went to work.

I took off the bandages around my foot. They were just annoying!

The flats were supposed to be tied up around your ankle. However due to my very obvious lack of height, I just tied them all around in one place to avoid cutting my leg any shorter. **The photo's angle also doesn't help me any.**

Here's a close shot of my red skinny belt. I think I bought all colors available.

On me: Jockey basic tee, thrifted skirt, skinny belt from SM dept. store & flats from my sis

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gray is the New Black

Love this two-toned outfit! And worn perfectly by Jaime King at the recent GQ 2008 "Men of the Year" Party. It goes very well with her complexion and blonde hair.

Photo Credit:

I may not have her complexion and I definitely have not hit the peroxide bottle, but here's my take on the gray trend.

One of my recent "gray" purchases. (I've been on a shopping binge - not good!) Love that it is gray and I like how the heel is not conventional.

Next on my shopping list is a pair of high wedges. And please, not the cork ones!

On me: Thrifted dress, white July shiftdress and Figlia shoes.

Comfort Food

I sometime have those days when I don't feel like thinking what to wear, especially when I have been eating a lot of extra cheese.

This is when baggy ("lazy") clothes come to mind. They become my bestfriend, just like comfort food, but still manage to look put-together.

Photo Credit:

I'm lusting over Ashely's version of it. Put on some interesting shoes and wham! - you're good to go. It even has pockets, which I'm so gaga over.

Ok, so maybe I'll add some belt to it. Soooo me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Blue on Black

Here's what I wore a few days ago. I met up with my sis and had lunch at Mooon Cafe with her bff Candy. We then all went together thrift shopping at 3 popular spots.
FYI: That was my first time to thrift shop and I loved it! I found a lot of treasures and will post them as soon as I can figure out what to wear them with.
On me: unknown shirt dress from Ayala dept. store, skinny belt from SM, unknown pumps, plastic bag from Gifts Unlimited.

Rihanna for Gucci

Rihanna is featured modelling for Gucci’s “Tattoo Heart” collection. The ads won't hit the stands 'till December.
Photo Courtesy: Gucci
This picture is fierce! Her body looks very lean and the lines are very clean & graceful. Except for her toes. She's supposed to look like she's flying here but it becomes obvious that she was on tip-toes. It kinda kills the picture for me.
But I also imagine her muscles must have ached all over after the shoot. Poor girl!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plaid or Tartan?

I can never tell the diference. But watevs! One thing I'm sure of is that it's one of the hottest trends for F/W. Here's my take on it, worn yesterday.

I love it's details like this "button hook" that you use in rolling up the sleeves.
And you just can't help but fall in love with a dress with pockets.

I also found this photo from one of my fave fashion sites, where I get most of my inspirations:

I met up with my sis at SM Northwing to purchase leggings, skinny belts and have our nails done @ Bench Fix. I brought my own nail polish. Check out the color. So chika, eh?

On me: Thrifted dress for Php150, wide belt from SM, Buxton laptop bag from Florida, unknown patent pumps for Php299