Sunday, May 31, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I'm finally back from Palawan.
And surprisingly, I didn't throw a fit with the fact that I didn't have wifi there.
I think I really needed that reconnection with people. It was so good to bond with my family and my cool cousins. Thank God sarcastic humor runs in the family! Else, I would have died of boredom sans the wifi.

And what do you know, I also unearthed my very little patience and used them on my very kulit little cousins. I even agreed to play babysitter for them. I know, it's a shocker! But who could resist these cuties, right?

look at those adorable sunnies on Maverick and Macky

For the four days we stayed in Palawan, my dad made sure each of our day was jammed-packed with activities. Imagine waking up at 5 am everyday and going home really tired but still wanting for more. It's amazing I still have the energy to post this today when I should be recharging.

Thank God too for the beautiful weather the entire time we were there. I heard Cebu had rain. Now I feel so blessed. Perfect sunny weather, cool & adorable cousins, and a crazy yet very loving family. Just counting my blessings.

On me: Speed Control maxi dress, nautical-themed two-piece from SM, thrifted silk scarf

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally, I'm At A Beach!

Greetings from sunny Palawan!

Okay, so I was able to squeeze in a few minutes to do a quick post.

I just got back from our island hopping and I had a great time!
We did fish feeding and I tell you, those fishes act like they've never been fed. hahaha. We also did the regular snorkeling and swimming.

More posts to come. Tomorrow, we'll visit the underground river. I promise there'll be more when I get back to Cebu.

On me: 24th & Ocean two-piece suit, thrifted scarf, People Are People sunnies

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Formal Letter Of Complaint

I just laughed my ass off when Tzietel, my crazy friend in Dubai, sent a formal complaint against my lack of new posts. Can they even do that? Hahaha.

Here's the comment she posted today:
basin gusto na nimo mag update? gikapoy nako ug open sa imong blog human walay bag-o. toink! i can see u from here, ayaw ko hapaka ug bag ba, brutal kaau ka. wahahhaha... D, u wanna post your goodies for the palawan trip, excited ko ay... lab u.mwah!

you might want to do an update by now? i'm tired of opening your blog everyday and end up with nothing new. and i can now imagine your reaction from here. you would have already hit me with your nag by now. you were always so violent. wahahaha... seriously, do post your goodies from Palawan, im so excited for them. love u. mwah!

Gawd, I love that crazy gurl! Miss her too.

And she's right, I've been M.I.A. lately since I'm on my week-long late-summer vacay in Palawan. Everything has been amazing so far, except for the fact that there's limited wifi spots around here. But the again, maybe that's good. I think I need to catch up on the outside world.

I'll try to post more if I can find time to go to their wifi spots here. For now, let me leave you with some photos of mine at the airport while we were waiting for our flight.

On me: Maldita yellow blazer, ruffled shift dress from Ayala, Guess skinnies, People Are People sunnies, Icing bead necklace, bracelet from a bazaar, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Bad Case of Hangover

It's a weekend and I terribly need to make up for the bad case of sleep deprivation I have. So you have to make do with these photos I got while surfing the web today, barely awake.

Disclaimer: I cannot be held accountable for comments I place when I'm working in a half-asleep state.

I would never go out in public with just my jammies on. Or maybe La Lohan's the one having a serious case of sleep deprivation and she's sleep-walking.

Everybody looks lovely in this photo except for the Queen B. She actually looks like some soccer mom in a PTA meeting. She needs to ditch that loose suit and also that blond.

Is Fergie planning of going back to her old wacky Black Eyed Peas days? And here I was thinking that she has already matured beautifully and glamorously. I take it back.

Now this couple could do no wrong in my book. Especially that number on Angie. So sensuous and provocative, it's almost a sin to even glance at it.

And so I lay myself to sleep. Hopefully an outfit post tomorrow. Ta-ta!

Photo credit:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Working In A Snail Pace

Today, I went on another thrift shopping escapade. Sadly though, it didn't turn out as great as I expected it to be. Especially considering that I haven't gone to a thrift shop in ages. I didn't find any great pieces and some of the shops were even still closed when I got there. Nothing wrong with being an early bird, right?

I'm also keeping this post short 'coz my dearest lappie is acting up on me. It's working in a snail pace today.

And just a quick F.Y.I.: I had a terrible time wearing this dress since the lining underneath was too short so the chiffon material ended up being too revealing. I had to keep pulling it down every 10 seconds or so. It was that, or I had to remain seated the entire 9 hours at work.

On me: Bayo cardigan, thrifted dress, random woven belt, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer's Not Over Yet

It has been raining a lot lately so it seems like the rainy season is well on it's way.
But please not before I get to go on my long-overdue summer escapade to Palawan. Lord, I beg of you to please hold off those rain clouds and so I can enjoy some sun before summer officially ends.

I'm short of killing myself right now just so I can go on this freaking trip. Due to the necessary adjustment I had with my schedule at work, I will end up working for 9 straight days just so I can have the 5 days off from work to fly to Palawan.
Some people actually call this suicide and I'd probably go crazy, but I'll take the risk.

This trip better be worth it. Else, I'm so gonna throw a fit. Mark my words.

On me: thrifted shirt dress worn underneath, random belt, thrifted purple cardigan, platform pumps from Ayala

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

Things are going so well lately. Good news just keep on rolling my way. Dear God, pleazzzz keep 'em comin'!

1.) I finally was accepted in Independent Fashion Bloggers. So excited to join 'em.
2.) Was invited to a really cool party this weekend. I am truly honored.
3.) Have already finalized our long overdue summer trip to Palawan. Can't wait.
4.) This blog is getting a lot of response. Thank you to all of you guys!
5.) Positive reviews for my "secret project" has been coming in like kuh-ray-zee! An icing on top of the cake.

I've been feeling a lot of emotions, I feel like I'm on a freakin' roller coaster ride.
And I'm lovin' it all!

Anyway, I also want to dedicate this entry to a very dear friend of mine in Dubai.
Tzietel, you know I love you to bits and I miss you like hell!
Come back home soon. I need somebody crazier than I am just so I can look sane next to you. Lol. You better take care of yourself there coz I can't afford botox from worrying over you.

On me: my 'lil bro's shirt, thrifted cardigan, leggings from SM, random woven belt, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back To Black

All this black I'm wearing is reminding me of that movie, Phantom of The Opera.
Gawd, I love that movie! I officially fell in love with the Phantom. Note though that this was even way before I learned that the role was played by hunky Gerard Butler, I swear.
There was something in the songs that were just hauntingly beautiful and achingly sad.

So just ignore me while I blabber on and on about love, I'm just inspired these past few days. And no, I'm not going into details with you on that.

I digress. So back to the color black.
Black is not the friendliest color when you're subjected to the heat of the summer sun. You'd think that an island girl like me would know better than to wear all black while going around the city to have the sun glare and pierce at you all day.

For those who haven't experienced this yet, spare yourselves the suffering and trust me on this one. And to those of you who had the unfortunate event of experiencing it, I absolutely sympathize with you.

By the way, that necklace I wore on the photos has sadly died a natural death. Or not.
While I was trying to work out it's tiny latch today to take it off, I think I accidentally broke the strings and all the little beads came rolling everywhere. They're all over my floor right now and I'm just too tired (read: too lazy) to clean them up.

Such a waste of a beautiful thing. I did love that necklace and it did serve me well.
Rest in peace beaded necklace.

On me: thrifted polka dot dress shirt, woooden earrings from Glamour4U, random beaded necklace, random skinny jeans, garter belt from SM, satin shoes from Leaveland

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Sweet Smile And Charming Self

It's official, I truly suck as a friend!
So my good friend Karl messaged me that he wanted to go out for dinner or something. But I was too absorbed and in the zone doing this secret project I have to have noticed his message. And by the time that I finally got to read it, I was already too tired and ended up dozing off to la la land before I got to send a reply.

I'm actually notorious for this type of behaviour. No wonder I don't have a lot of friends. I should be lucky I still have a few of them, considering my terrible temper and childish tantrums. Wonder what keeps them with me. Must be my sweet smile and charm. *Scoff*

(an early morning view from my mom's garden)

I seriously need to get a life instead of always being holed up in my room with my face in front of my lappie for practically the entire day. My friends say this is no longer healthy even for me.
I just hope he does not hate me so much after this. I plan to make it up to him and pray to god that that, together with my sweet smile and charming self, he'll let me off the hook easily.

On me: Gap Kids sundress, Esprit mustard scarf, People Are People gladiators

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Quite The Party Animal

Yesterday, I woke up hungry at 2 in the morning and it was just my luck that I couldn't find anything to eat in our fridge. Well, there were the usual frozen food and canned meat but I refused to take in anything that even slightly resembles fastfood. I already have enough of that at work every single day.

So I remembered eyeing those french toasts that Jumax ordered the other day at the coffee shop and I decided to put my cooking skills to a test and tried to recreate them with the available resources we have at home. And besides, I'm also crazy enough to make french toasts at 2 in the morning.

I also ended up making soup and ham to go with my breakfast. And I've got to say, it was not bad at all. I'm giving myself a pat on the back right now.

Anyway, it was a weekend so I decided to take it easy and just chill for the rest of the day. I'm not quite the party animal kind.

On me: One Perfect kimono-like top, shorts from a bazaar, shoes from Artwork

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lakers Vs. Rockets

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a social life and I also do have friends. I do sometimes leave my hole of a room to see what the rest of the world is up to.

So I conveniently prepared a couple of evidence for you to prove my point. Check out the photos from my last day out with my friends. I met up with them this morning for some bacon and pancakes for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

Exhibit A: Jumax & boss Emmy

Jumax here is flying to Manila next month for her architecture board exams. I'm very sure she'll do so well with her exams since she's been holed up with her books for months already. Talk about pressure! And I'm so gonna miss this gurl.

While Emmy here is literally my boss at work. So you totally would understand why I can't say anything bad about her. This is probably me kissing ass with her. Hahaha!
Seriously, she's the very epitome of grace under pressure, which I always admired and wished I possessed too..

Exhibit B: Rap & Moi

Now Rap here is one lucky, overpaid person. She has a very positive outlook and is a big fan of sports. In fact, while we were chatting over breakfast, she had the realtime gamecast of Lakers and Rockets' game 6 on my lappie.

And because they're all my friends, it was just natural for them to take turns in taking my photos. I'm so gonna quote Rap when she said, "Fashion first before sports." She couldn't have said it better. After all, I don't know shit about sports.

On me: random T-shirt, Promod fitted vest, Tommy Hilfiger skinnies, Aloha Vans

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preview May 2009

I've keep playing this waiting game every single month. I hate how magazine publications are not distributed as fast as I wish they were. You see, they are usually published in another region and still need to be shipped to our far away city.

And one of the few things that impatient me hates, is waiting, next to body odor. I should already be a saint by now with all the patience I've been applying over this. Hmph!
I've been wanting to get my hands on this month's issue of Preview. It wasn't in yet when I went hunting for it last week.


So I settled on checking their official website instead to get a peek of their latest cover.

Not a big fan of Ruffa Gutierrez but those LVs are delicious!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love and Sex and Magic

I have not been in any mood to dress up lately. So forgive me for the lousy outfits lately. I seriously need a new inspiration. I'm not even tempted to shop for clothes. This is so efing frustrating. Argh!

But I would completely feel bad if I don't get to use my brand new cam. I have got to put it in good use, right?
So here are my first ever shots outdoors after like the longest time. I think I already had enough of that mustard wall inside the house, though I have already grown fond of it (my mom painted that wall herself).

Randomness: I can't seem to get enough of the song Love and Sex and Magic by Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake. It has been on repeat on my iPod for days and I just can't help but dance to it everytime it's on. So sexy!

On me: Bayo cardigan, thrifted shift dress, American Eagle pleated skirt, Betty leggings, CMG ballet flats

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Truth Of The Matter Is

Aside from being overdressed 80% of the time, the simple truth is that I'm just one simple girl. Seriously, no kidding.

And to prove my point to you guys, I'm giving you a special private tour to my daily bag of magic tricks (or not!). You see, I have been lugging around oversized bags for like the longest time but you'd be surprised at how little I carry inside it. A guy officemate of mine before once commented that I don't do the bag size any justice. Ha!

my trusty Charles & Keith convertible bag
Motorola flip phone

iPod Nano w/ d uber cute angel silicone protector

Bath & Body irresistible apple body spray

my omnipresent sunnies

Nine West mustard wallet

Penshoppe cheek tint

Revlon Pink in the Afternoon lipstick

Revlon Pink Afterglow gloss

And this is entirely non-fashion related, but these are what I have been eating lately.

I bought tons of BreadTalk's pizza bread so it's all I've been eating for the past few days. The cake was the one I got for mom on Mother's Days and we've also got some ice cream in the fridge, strawberry & chocolate.

Oh lord, this is not helping my weight at all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Years And Years Of Rebellion

I went out this morning to visit my grandma at the hospital before she gets discharged. I also went by the mall to buy lunch for Mother's Day.

And to my delight, my rebellious brother (who once dropped out of school) called me asking if he can bring some ice cream to celebrate Mother's Day with us. This has been the highlight of my day! I'm so glad my brother turned out to be a thoughtful and responsible person after all those years of rebellion.

I also saw Roselle (a.k.a Atsi) at this pastry shop where I bought a cake for mom. She commented that it was her first time to see me so bare. You see, she's not used to seeing me in anything else aside my conservative office clothes. Her comment really amused me.

Atsi and I have actually been working together for the past 9 months, her as the team's Quality Analyst. I suddenly felt sad when I realized that tonight will be the last time that we'll be working together since each of us has been assigned a new team to handle at work. I'm surely gonna miss her. She has been one of the very few people who has been able to tolerate and understand me at my worst temper ever.

By the way, I also started to check out some digital cameras at the mall. I've been mulling over the thought of getting a new one ever since our old cam started going berserk on us. My friend told me of this great deal he found at this one shop but I ran out of patience trying to look for the shop so I ended giving up on it. Maybe when I finally have enough time (and patience), I'll get serious on it.

On me: Maldita satin dress, two-strand headband from Ross, People Are People gladiators, Charled & Keith convertible bag, Ann Taylor sunnies, Fossil watch

Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

It was funny how people kept mistaking me for a doctor the entire day while I visited my grandma at the hospital. Can't say I blame them too 'coz I was actually wearing this white jacket yesterday. Even the cab driver thought I was also a doctor when I gave him the hospital's name for him to drive me to. Lol.

Anyway, my grandma is fine. She actually looked like nothing happened at all and is ready to go back to her gardening tools. I swear, she totally rocks!

But I absolutely sucked as a stand-in nurse for my grandma yesterday. Apart from buying breakfast and lunch for everyone there, I just ended up sleeping the rest of the day. I wanted to make up for it by watching over her today but I heard she's ready for discharge today.

Just a day after an operation and she's ready to go home. Told 'ya she rocks.

On me: thrifted white jacket, mom's blue top, Promod wide-legged pants, People R People Sunnies, Buxton laptop bag, CMG shoes, LV and Ann Taylor bangles