Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally, I'm At A Beach!

Greetings from sunny Palawan!

Okay, so I was able to squeeze in a few minutes to do a quick post.

I just got back from our island hopping and I had a great time!
We did fish feeding and I tell you, those fishes act like they've never been fed. hahaha. We also did the regular snorkeling and swimming.

More posts to come. Tomorrow, we'll visit the underground river. I promise there'll be more when I get back to Cebu.

On me: 24th & Ocean two-piece suit, thrifted scarf, People Are People sunnies


cherie said...

love the bikini! you look totally hot here :D

Tzietel said...

how come half body lang??? i had full body photo in FS!!! ipakita imong tiyan!!! Unfair!!! dili ko palabot... lol... u are one hawt muma in that suit! where's my goodies??? no scuba diving for u yet? labs u...

Eden said...

wow, palawan... i'm totally jealous of you! and you look incredible in your bikini. i wish i was as "gifted" if you know what i mean! miss your posts girl!

much love