Friday, May 8, 2009

Saving For The Rainy Days

Here I go again. Another post of me wearing stockings. I really should stop obsessing over them.
But I think this will be my last for now. Gawd, I hope so. 'Coz it's just not practical to be wearing 'em with this summer heat over our heads right now. I should be saving these for the rainy season.

I'm on my way to the hospital right now. I'm on hospital duty for my grandma's operation. And how I wish that like most hotels & airports, hospitals would also have free wifi. But that's just wishful thinking. They wouldn't even allow me to connect my lappie's power cable to their ports there. Bummer!

I'm planning of dropping by some coffee shop nearby to go online again. And maybe I'll also sneak in some thrift shopping time in between. You see, our hospitals here are practically neighbors with my fave thrift shops.
Gawd, I miss thrift shopping!

On me: thrifted silver top, thrifted navy skirt, stockings from SM, earrings from Ayala Maze, LV & Ann Taylor hinged bangles, random beads, platform pumps from Ayala

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