Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back To Black

All this black I'm wearing is reminding me of that movie, Phantom of The Opera.
Gawd, I love that movie! I officially fell in love with the Phantom. Note though that this was even way before I learned that the role was played by hunky Gerard Butler, I swear.
There was something in the songs that were just hauntingly beautiful and achingly sad.

So just ignore me while I blabber on and on about love, I'm just inspired these past few days. And no, I'm not going into details with you on that.

I digress. So back to the color black.
Black is not the friendliest color when you're subjected to the heat of the summer sun. You'd think that an island girl like me would know better than to wear all black while going around the city to have the sun glare and pierce at you all day.

For those who haven't experienced this yet, spare yourselves the suffering and trust me on this one. And to those of you who had the unfortunate event of experiencing it, I absolutely sympathize with you.

By the way, that necklace I wore on the photos has sadly died a natural death. Or not.
While I was trying to work out it's tiny latch today to take it off, I think I accidentally broke the strings and all the little beads came rolling everywhere. They're all over my floor right now and I'm just too tired (read: too lazy) to clean them up.

Such a waste of a beautiful thing. I did love that necklace and it did serve me well.
Rest in peace beaded necklace.

On me: thrifted polka dot dress shirt, woooden earrings from Glamour4U, random beaded necklace, random skinny jeans, garter belt from SM, satin shoes from Leaveland


Tzietel said...

i love the shoes!

stringedmusic said...

who gets away with black with red accents without looking too slutty?? of course, no other than... (drumroll) QUEEN D! ;)

Overdressed Me said...

this is not slutty, it's ePerformax color! hahaha.

Eden said...

always love the juxtaposition of black and red together. sigh.. i dont get to wear that much red anymore.

by the way, say hi to rapunzel from me, tell her its fedz from UP.:)

much love


che idrees said...

Hey there, Nice outfit! :)
I love the black and red theme :)