Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love and Sex and Magic

I have not been in any mood to dress up lately. So forgive me for the lousy outfits lately. I seriously need a new inspiration. I'm not even tempted to shop for clothes. This is so efing frustrating. Argh!

But I would completely feel bad if I don't get to use my brand new cam. I have got to put it in good use, right?
So here are my first ever shots outdoors after like the longest time. I think I already had enough of that mustard wall inside the house, though I have already grown fond of it (my mom painted that wall herself).

Randomness: I can't seem to get enough of the song Love and Sex and Magic by Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake. It has been on repeat on my iPod for days and I just can't help but dance to it everytime it's on. So sexy!

On me: Bayo cardigan, thrifted shift dress, American Eagle pleated skirt, Betty leggings, CMG ballet flats


stringedmusic said...

seriously? that's uninspired for you? if i wore something like that, it is alreayd inspired. sheeesh!

so this pic is your new baby's first few shots? i shouldnt be salivating over your new camera, but i am. shoot me! haha

che idrees said...

I love your blog missy! :)
would you like to swap links?

cherie said...

i love the cardigan! the red is just the right pop of color for your outfit