Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Bad Case of Hangover

It's a weekend and I terribly need to make up for the bad case of sleep deprivation I have. So you have to make do with these photos I got while surfing the web today, barely awake.

Disclaimer: I cannot be held accountable for comments I place when I'm working in a half-asleep state.

I would never go out in public with just my jammies on. Or maybe La Lohan's the one having a serious case of sleep deprivation and she's sleep-walking.

Everybody looks lovely in this photo except for the Queen B. She actually looks like some soccer mom in a PTA meeting. She needs to ditch that loose suit and also that blond.

Is Fergie planning of going back to her old wacky Black Eyed Peas days? And here I was thinking that she has already matured beautifully and glamorously. I take it back.

Now this couple could do no wrong in my book. Especially that number on Angie. So sensuous and provocative, it's almost a sin to even glance at it.

And so I lay myself to sleep. Hopefully an outfit post tomorrow. Ta-ta!

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Eden said...

hi luv, thanks for dropping by! so sorry to hear that you were called to work for the havies party. i'm not gonna make pasuya, but you missed one heck of a party!!!! sige lang, i'm sure theres more to come man sad.

hope to see you real soon!

much love


ana b. said...

Wow. Lohan. What the heck went on there?! As for Angie, that hair looks slightly Alice Dellal.

cherie said...

hot brangelina! i love leighton meester but she looks much more pretty in brunette.

Tzietel said...

basin gusto na nimo mag update? gikapoy nako ug open sa imong blog human walay bag-o. toink! i can see u from here, ayaw ko hapaka ug bag ba, brutal kaau ka. wahahhaha... D, u wanna post your goodies for the palawan trip, excited ko ay... lab u.mwah!