Sunday, May 10, 2009

Years And Years Of Rebellion

I went out this morning to visit my grandma at the hospital before she gets discharged. I also went by the mall to buy lunch for Mother's Day.

And to my delight, my rebellious brother (who once dropped out of school) called me asking if he can bring some ice cream to celebrate Mother's Day with us. This has been the highlight of my day! I'm so glad my brother turned out to be a thoughtful and responsible person after all those years of rebellion.

I also saw Roselle (a.k.a Atsi) at this pastry shop where I bought a cake for mom. She commented that it was her first time to see me so bare. You see, she's not used to seeing me in anything else aside my conservative office clothes. Her comment really amused me.

Atsi and I have actually been working together for the past 9 months, her as the team's Quality Analyst. I suddenly felt sad when I realized that tonight will be the last time that we'll be working together since each of us has been assigned a new team to handle at work. I'm surely gonna miss her. She has been one of the very few people who has been able to tolerate and understand me at my worst temper ever.

By the way, I also started to check out some digital cameras at the mall. I've been mulling over the thought of getting a new one ever since our old cam started going berserk on us. My friend told me of this great deal he found at this one shop but I ran out of patience trying to look for the shop so I ended giving up on it. Maybe when I finally have enough time (and patience), I'll get serious on it.

On me: Maldita satin dress, two-strand headband from Ross, People Are People gladiators, Charled & Keith convertible bag, Ann Taylor sunnies, Fossil watch


cherie said...

your gladiators look yum! i love your outfit, it's so summery :D

lucille said...

I love your shoes !!! You look great !

Overdressed Me said...

thanks you guys!

im actually trying to veer away from high heels these days to celebrate summer since it's almost over.

*sigh* im gonna miss summer!

Eden said...


thanks for the tip-off re the camera.. i actually already have one but when i took it to bantayan for holy week, it got damaged.:( still sitting in the service center. sayang, it was new. but there's hope naman.:)

anyway, do you have facebook?:) i also asked for dawns as well. love to add you as friends, and also tag you for upcoming fashion events here!

much love


stringedmusic said...

hey drag me along if you're hitting the mall. im not going shopping but i wanna help out in choosing the gadget (ahem) -your camera? Im a sucker for gadgets.

ana b. said...

Wow! You look completely glamorous and ready for the heat in your dress and cool mustard gladiators! Big fan of the outfit.

stringedmusic said...

D, join IFB -

sige nah! dont be shy. i now your blog more than qualifies this group.