Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer Picnics

My family decided to enjoy some picnic food today. We'll be grilling some plantain and some sweet corn. I'm also planning to make this drink recipe that I've been toying with ever since I tasted it during my U.S. trip. I swear, it'll all be perfect for summer! The only thing missing is the red & white checkered picnic blanket.

I've noticed that I've been cooking a lot lately. My Cajun shrimp the other day was a success, by the way.
Cooking is actually one of my mom's passion so I do not find it surprising that we caught on it too. I just have not been cooking for quite a while now ever since I started working. So it's good to know I still have it in me.

The only down side to this is that I will surely gain weight with all the cooking. As if I need any more weight on me. As it is, I have already gained back all the weight I lost 3 years ago. Well, if I've done it before, then I can do it again.

Er, I hope so...

On me: thrifted mustard top, Fossil necklace, thrifted skirt, Topshop footless leggings, platform pumps from Ayala

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