Monday, May 18, 2009

My Sweet Smile And Charming Self

It's official, I truly suck as a friend!
So my good friend Karl messaged me that he wanted to go out for dinner or something. But I was too absorbed and in the zone doing this secret project I have to have noticed his message. And by the time that I finally got to read it, I was already too tired and ended up dozing off to la la land before I got to send a reply.

I'm actually notorious for this type of behaviour. No wonder I don't have a lot of friends. I should be lucky I still have a few of them, considering my terrible temper and childish tantrums. Wonder what keeps them with me. Must be my sweet smile and charm. *Scoff*

(an early morning view from my mom's garden)

I seriously need to get a life instead of always being holed up in my room with my face in front of my lappie for practically the entire day. My friends say this is no longer healthy even for me.
I just hope he does not hate me so much after this. I plan to make it up to him and pray to god that that, together with my sweet smile and charming self, he'll let me off the hook easily.

On me: Gap Kids sundress, Esprit mustard scarf, People Are People gladiators


stringedmusic said...

seriously? gap kids? i am so intrigued with your secret project. hmph.

Overdressed Me said...

yup, you read it right, Gap kids. it comes within territory for being short, you learn to shop at the kid's section. i also do it in SM. u'd be surprised at what you can find there.