Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preview May 2009

I've keep playing this waiting game every single month. I hate how magazine publications are not distributed as fast as I wish they were. You see, they are usually published in another region and still need to be shipped to our far away city.

And one of the few things that impatient me hates, is waiting, next to body odor. I should already be a saint by now with all the patience I've been applying over this. Hmph!
I've been wanting to get my hands on this month's issue of Preview. It wasn't in yet when I went hunting for it last week.


So I settled on checking their official website instead to get a peek of their latest cover.

Not a big fan of Ruffa Gutierrez but those LVs are delicious!

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xoxo krisler xoxo said...

wow..i found another fashion blogger from cebu..=)