Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Play Pretend

Being in the middle of summer here in our tropical country, I knew I had no business wearing stockings or leggings.
And yet, it has been a staple to my wardrobe recently.

So I ask you to just bear with me while I pretend that we have four seasons here to dress up for. I'm just pathetic, I know. Lol.

This is going to be a short post. I have been missing on a lot of sleep. I'm morphing again to the geek that I really am. Read: Been reading a lot again.

I seriously need to get a life. But until then, I've decided to bank on more sleep for now.

Oh yeah, I was tagged by the very sweet Cherie of Parade of Dresses. Sorry I have not yet started on it. But I promise to do so as soon as I get my much needed sleep. 'Till then!

On me: thrifted dress, Maldita headband, Topshop footless leggings, Fossil 32" necklace, platform MJs from Leaveland


Eden said...

it's totally okay! who says you can't wear leggings this time of the year? i'm currently addicted to my liquid leggings and i don't mind being called crazy. besides, the weather in cebu is always changing no?

much love


cherie said...

wow! i bought two tights too just last week. i got tired of being bare legged after a while in my dresses. it's so much fun dressing up so yay for us!

Eden said...


thanks for being one of the first to comment! whew. that took longer cuz i had a meeting and an event last night.:( bitaw, i really can't wait to meet you and dawn both. still finalizing the details of the show and were good to go!

much love