Thursday, April 30, 2009

On A Very Rare So-Not-Me Moment

You wouldn't believe the hell I had gone through tonight. But on a very rare so-not-me moment, I have decided not to air it out and bitch about it here. So you guys are safe today. Ha! Let's just leave it to say that after a few curses, a few tears and an episode of my tantrum, I ended up going back home for the rest of my day at work.

So I'm at home right now, bored with TV and have already overslept for the day.
Random fact: Sleep of beyond my usual 4 hours is already considered oversleeping for me.
So yeah, maybe that makes me insomniac too.

I'm keeping this short today. With my mom gone out of town, I have to feed myself. And I've been wanting to try my hand at Cajun cooking. Gawd, I miss Bubba Gump!
I've got some shrimps in the fridge and some rice that I also wanna turn java.
Crossing my fingers.

On me: Maldita top, thrifted skirt, random wooven belt, Fossil watch, Vivacci MJs, Charles & Keith bag

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Carb Overload

I'm all alone at home today. The rest of the family went to a beach somewhere out of town. I decided not to go since I have so much to do at work. And I also just went on a short vacay during our caving adventure. Anyway, I already filed for another leave from work for my family's ultimate getaway next month to Palawan. Now that, I'm definitely excited for!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the entire place all to myself. But the silence is also making me contemplate on my very obvious need to lose weight. Especially with all the outfits I'm planning to wear during our trip. But I'm just too lazy to start on it. Heck, I've been postponing for the nth time my diet start date. Lol.
It also doesn't help any that mom's been feeding me with carb overload. Thanks by the way for the pasta Mom!

And yeah, I've also noticed I've been wearing this belt, pumps & bag together a lot lately. Just bear with me. I'm still on my self-imposed shopping ban and I have no choice but to do closet shopping for now. Besides, it's such a good challenge, I just can't resist!

On me: George dress from Walmart, random belt, SM evening clutch, platform pumps from Ayala

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silly In A Trench Coat

Trench coats remind me of New Yorkers. I imagine them hailing one of the infamous yellow cabs in the midst of bustling Time Square. It's mesmerizing to watch groves of people move so fast as if they could beat time itself.
But I know better than that. Which is why I prefer to chill in my 'ol island city.

Anyway, speaking of my island city, our weather here lately changes so often it's enough to give you whiplash.
It was raining hard on my way out to work but the minute I crossed the bridge to the city, the place was so obviously dry. I swear, I've never felt so silly wearing a trench coat before. Heck! To think, the city's just a 30-minute drive from my place.

And just a few seconds ago, I heard thunder right outside my window... and we're in the middle of the summer season.
So yeah, I'm blaming this one to global warming.

On me: thrifted dress, July shiftdress underneath, Studioline trench coat, sister's oversized bag, platform pumps from Ayala

Monday, April 27, 2009

Going Once, Going Twice

I have worn this dress before and I wore it again today using different accessories to change the look. I wore it to church and earned a couple of stares. Nothing new there.

I'll be at my cousin's 18th birthday later tonight. I promise I'll be posting photos of my outfit. I got my cousin a pair of shoes from People Are People as a gift.

Unlike me, my cousin is quite tall. And I find it funny how she's very conscious with her height, which is why she insisted that I get her flats instead of heels. While I on the other hand, is tempting death everyday with the ankle-breakers that I wear.
Isn't it ironic?

Anyway, here's a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to Korina!!!
Stay gorgeous and sweet.

On me: thrifted dress, random belt, evening clutch from SM, platform pumps from Ayala

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Works Like A Charm

This one's a really late post. I wore this last week at work but with the crazy schedule I had, I have completely forgotten about it.
I was only reminded of it when I saw one of the trainers at work (here's a shoutout to you Jib!) I remembered the comment he made that this was by far his fave outfit of mine because of the shoes.

I swear, this pair is found interesting enough by people to the point that I can use them as a conversation starter. Works like a charm everytime!

Do you think I could also hook a guy with it? Ha!

On me: mom's white shirt, mom's cardigan, thrifted skirt, random belt, Mags bracelet watch, Icing ring, sister's oversized bag, cutout Oxfords from SM

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Am The Sun

There was a power blackout today and it was just simply impossible to stay indoors without dying from heat stroke. Darn global warming! Plus, I was just too bored without my internet connection at home.
So I thought of going out to some coffee shop to shamelessly hog their free wifi and AC. But it turned out that the entire region was actually affected with the power outage. Just my luck!

Anyway, the heat was so unbearable that you'd sweat even when you're simply sitting down, even when you're fresh from a shower. It was that bad!
So I decided to go out wearing something comfortable and airy. Forget that I have arms the same size as of my thighs. I wasn't planning on dying on heat stroke.

I ended up at Bo's in BTC and met up with my dear friend, Jumax. We gossiped a little over dinner at this Jap resto and stayed up late at night while she studied and I blogged. Definitely good times!

On me: tube dress from a local shop, random racer back, People Are People sunnies, wooden bracelet from a bazaar, my sister's flats

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adventure Up The Mountains

The weather here has been acting really weird this past week. It gets cloudy early morning, then it's really warm by noon, then come evening, it effing rains! What the hell! It freaking beats the four seasons in other countries.

(the entire wacky crew, me chillin' by the pool, the slippery waterfall we had to cross to get to the cave, us with our helmets on)

So we ended up not getting a lot of sun during our family outing a few days ago. We went to this mountain resort and were brave enough (or stupid enough) to try caving & spelunking.

(some stalactytes inside the cave, my brother coming out from the tiny cave entrance)

It was pretty intense for a couch potato like me. Lol. We had to cross this waterfall with really strong current and had to hold on to a rope for dear life. Then we had to enter this cave which barely had an opening, that we had to crawl to get in.
But dangerous as it was, I would totally do it again at a drop of a hat.

We decided to take a refreshing night swim when we got back from our mini-adventure. We definitely needed it after harassing ourselves with that climb.

On me: thrifted beach cover-up, Aeropostale back bikini (underneath), Ann Taylor pebbled sandals

This is what I wore on our last day. We had loads of ice cream before we drove home. It was a perfect way to beat the summer heat.

On me: Bench men's shirt, shorts from a bazaar, random woven belt, Ann Taylor pebbled sandals

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Versatility Part II

I know I have been gone for quite a while. My family and I celebrated my dad's birthday out of town. We went to this mountain resort (not the beach, for a change) and did caving & spelunking. I have so much story to share about this on my next post.

For now, I'm gonna leave you with a late post of what I wore before I went on our trip. It's another feature on the versatility of my clothes. I wore the same polka dot tunic dress on the same day for different purposes. Versatility is something I recently discovered ever since I learned that the new "in" thing is "closet shopping." Or so I say. Go ahead and quote me on that. Ha!

For Work

On me: thrifted jacket, thrifted polka dot tunic dress, thrifted skirt, random belt, platform pumps from Ayala

For the Mall

On me: thrifted polka dot tunic dress, Promod wide belt, random skinnies, Charles & Keith convertible bag, platform pumps from Ayala

Monday, April 20, 2009

One Night Stand

And before my mom goes into cardiac arrest, no, I didn't just have one.
But it was what people at work thought because of what I was wearing. I didn't realize how an oversized men's shirt screams "all-nighter" until they mentioned it to me.
Well sorry guys, but I refuse to reduce myself into such a cliche.

In all honesty, I just wanted an easy and comfy thing to wear since I was meeting Jumax right after work.

And so I just replied to them, "The day that I wear this with a necktie instead for a belt, that would be the day that I actually did it."
That seemed to work in shutting them up. Ha! Me and my big, sarcastic mouth.

Reasons why I love this shirt: It used to be my dad's until he got tired of me borrowing it every other day. Lol. And I swear it's so comfy that I even once slept in it. And that was how I discovered that it's also wrinkle-free.
What more could I ask for?!

On me: dad's white shirt, Promod wide belt, Betty leggings, platform pumps from Ayala

Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Sun Up To Sun Down

It seems that due to the self-imposed shopping ban that I have put upon myself, I have discovered the beauty of shopping from my own closet. You'll be surprised with what treasures you can find there. Geez, I even unearthed some items that I have totally forgotten I had.

And so today, I thought it would just be right for me to do a feature on versatility of clothes. I'm going to show you how I wear the same thing but at the same time, change my look with just a few accessories.

For Day...

On me: Terranova tunic shift, thrifted cardigan, What A girl Wants white undershirt, Guess skinny jeans, Totes office bag, Fossil watch, Raphaella Booz platform wedges

For Night...

On me: Terranova tunic shift, thrifted cardigan, What A girl Wants black undershirt, SM evening clutch, platform pumps from Ayala

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing Sweet About Me

I have managed to bum and laze around for one whole day. I did nothing but sleep, eat and sleep some more. I barely went out of my room. I know, so sloth of me.

So now my body clock is all messed up. I really should be sleeping right now. I've still got work tonight and a long work week ahead. But I'm still hooked on Fictionpress.
I'm sure I'm gonna suffer the effects of this later at work. And serves me right too.

So I'm keeping this post short and sweet. And I swear I'm gonna turn my laptop off right after this so I can finally get some sleep around here.

On me: Maldita tunic dress, thrifted skirt, random skinny belt, otes office bag, Fossil watch, Carlos Santana footwear

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Be Normal Is To Be Boring

It's really driving me crazy that nothing exciting is happening in my life right now. I'm soooo bored, it could almost bring me to tears.

And so I felt that I needed a change, a huge one. This is why I've been toying with the idea of moving to the morning shift at work, after 4 years of running around at night. I'm thinking of trying out the normal life of the normal people for the first time ever.

But my boss is trying to talk me out of this plan. He said I'd simply get more bored and will soon waste away until I feel like yanking my own hair out. *Shivers!*
It seems that my boss knows me a little too well. In all honesty, two of the things I fear the most are normalcy and boredom.
To me,
to be normal is to be boring.

I just comfort myself to sleep with what my dear friend Jumax once told me. She said, "D, you'll never be normal." God bless her soul. She will always have this calming and grounding effect on me. And gawd I miss that gurl!

Absolute randomness: Any more mustard and I'd blend right in with that wall. I'm so not over mustard yet.

On me: mom's tunic dress, mustard skirt from Ayala, random woven belt, Charles & Keith convertible bag, MJ's from Ross

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suffering From Heat Stroke

Today, I had breakfast at Starbucks while I waited for the malls to open. Now before you guys jump at me, I want you to know that I did not go on another one of my infamous shopping spree. I just needed to run some errands, pay some bills and buy a gift for my cousin's 18th birthday.

In truth and all honesty, I wasn't even tempted to buy a single thing. At first, I was afraid something's gonna catch my eyes and I'll go berserk with wanting to buy it, but it actually felt weird that I ended up going home empty handed. Maybe I have finally instilled my self-restraint and discipline. It could also have been a side-effect of my lack of sleep. Or maybe I was just suffering from heat stroke. Ha!

(peacock feather necklace w/ cute charms I got from Icing)

Anyway, I ate Starbuck's spinach quiche. I'm surely a big fan of those French quiche, but I never thought that I would ever like spinach in this lifetime of mine. To make me eat spinach and even more, make me like it, now that's a big wow! in my book.

On me: mom's top, thrifted bubble skirt, necklace from Icing, Ann Taylor sunnies, sister's oversized bag, CMG ballet flats

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If I Were Little Tea Cup

In my usual haste to work (all thanks to my supreme ability to procrastinate), I ended up throwing on anything I could get my hands on. And so I ended dressing as my sister, Little Tea Cup.

Funny how different our style is. I always thought she goes for anything young and dreamy, almost whimsical. And so I wasn't surprised when people at work thought I looked like Tinkerbelle or some other Disney fairy. A far cry from how my sister's friend described my style - bitchy. (Shoutout to Kendii: I still haven't gotten over that remark, by the way.)

And I'm just too tired to move an inch right now. I've been using up all my energy for the past week doing nothing but read, read some more and read everything on Fiction Press. I have been staying up late and have not been getting enough sleep for work. And not to mention that I have been slacking big time at work just so I can sneak in some more reading. In need of a major R&R.

On me: my sister's top, sister's skirt, sister's oversized bag (yep, she pretty much owns everything I'm wearing here) random wide belt, CMG ballet flats

Monday, April 13, 2009

Puss In The Boots

This one's gonna be a quick one.
I'm currently doing my best imitation of Puss In The Boots' innocent, wide-eyed expression at my dad. I'm trying to convince him, more like beg him, to bring home my fave roasted chicken and pork for lunch.

Isn't he just adorable?! Am I not adorable too? Lol.

And I actually think my plan's gonna work. Between me and Puss In The Boots, my dad doesn't stand the slightest chance. Ha!
Now I need to go back and grovel some more.

On me: my 'lil bro's shirt, thrifted striped jumper, Ann Taylor sunnies, sister's oversized bag, CMG ballet flats

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heartless Bitch In Love

Happy Easter Sunday y'all!!!

It seems like everybody's heading to the beach today. How I'd love to be at one too and bask under the scorching sun. Too bad I have been too lazy to make myself bikini-ready. Food simply sounded so much better compared to sweating like a pig while lifting pounds of weights.

Of course, I'm regretting this big time by now. Boohoo for me.

Anyway, I was stuck at work the whole day today and even managed to cram in time to read romance stories amidst of my impossibly busy schedule. You see, ever since I read Getting Malcolm by PinkMist, I've been hooked to Fiction Press. It's a site where talented writers get to showcase their skills to other writers and non-writers of the likes of me (read: I don't know shit about writing, even for a freaking obituary.)

Anyway, check it out yourself. They've got tons of genre to choose from. And of course, don't forget to read Getting Malcolm by PinkMist. I'm sure you'll love it! Even heartless bitch that I am wasn't able to stop myself from swooning.
Me? Swoon? I know, impossible right?!

Now, off I am to my next story, Reason and Romance.

On me: Ayala sundress, mom's cardigan, Guess skinnies, sister's oversized bag, Fossil watch, Ann Taylor sunnies, Figlia sandals

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patience Is Not One Of My Virtues

Just when I thought that my never-ending whining about my DSL provider has officially ended, it crashed and burned on me again. I came home uber excited to pick up where I left off with that romantic story I was reading online when to my dismay, I realized that I cannot connect to the internet again.

I immediately called my DSL company and tried my very best not to harass anybody today, with it being Holy Week and all. I swear I came so close to breaking that promise when I heard the same overused scripts they used on me the last time I called. Oh, how hard it is to be a saint!

Amazingly, I was actually able to fix the problem all by myself while I was on hold for 10 minutes and while I was saying to myself my new life mantra: "Patience, patience, patience..." for a hundred times. Guess it worked.

But they better not push their luck 'coz I only do this on Holy Weeks.

On me: Aeropostale "Professional Heartbreaker" shirt, thrifted jumper skirt, random patent bag, my sis' Aloha Vans footwear

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am... Angelina Fierce

How could anyone look so fierce yet so freaking gorgeous at the same time!!!
Geez, this woman has got everything already. It's reeking of unfair-ness to a low-life like me.

Photo Credits:

And I bet she's not gonna hear the end of it from the PETA peeps with all that fur she's wearing. I would like to think that they're fake but since I'm such the pessimist, I'm gonna say that those are real. I also think our dear Angie would rather be shot than be caught wearing a fakie.

Ha! I just smiled remembering that flour attack with La Lohan in Paris.
Almost makes me feel bad for them... if only they weren't so freaking skinny and filthy rich!
Preview April 2009 cover

On another note, I just saw Preview's April 2009 cover through their website This is my fave local fashion magazine. Though I still wish InStyle weren't so effing expensive here.

Anyway, the issue has Isabelle Diaz on the cover. She is the daughter of Ms. Gloria Diaz, the first-ever Filipina Ms. Universe winner. Though the cover promises that Isabelle proves there's more to her than that. We'll see.

The cover's tag line also said "Fierce Fashion". I thought they did fierce-ness with last month's Lucy Torres' cover. Are they throwing a showdown of who does fierce best or what? And how come everybody's doing "fierce" these days? It's soooo overrated in my book.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perfectly Dysfunctional

I'm finally back with my internet connection. And I'm telling you it didn't come easy. I swear I feel bad for those poor call center reps I spoke with. I ended up asking for a supervisor because I already had enough of their well-practiced scripts used over the phone. Too bad for them I was the perfect customer from hell. Of course, I got what I wanted in the end. I had my internet back within the day.

And so, I will now officially stop my never-ending whining against them. The End.

So I've been spending my time holed up in my room watching season 1 & 2 DVDs of the series Brothers and Sisters. I love them for being the perfect all-American yet dysfunctional family.

But I can only take so much of the family drama, macho gays kissing, drugs and rehab. I don't recommend for you to watch all episodes all at once, like I did. I'm actually taking a breather from it right now. Believe me, it's not healthy, even for me.

On me: my sister's top, What A Girl Wants undershirt, thrifted skirt, Fossil necklace, Buxton laptop bag, satin MJs from Leaveland

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dressed Down On A Sunday

This is what I wore last Sunday. Sundays are super-dress-down for us at work. But since I so hate to conform, I wore my fave dress trousers. Everybody thought I was overdressed, as usual. So this is how I define super dress down, what do you care! Lol. I just explained that the trousers were very comfy that they felt like I was wearing my PJs at my very own home.

I would also like to report to you that I'm already on my third week of shopping ban. So far I've been able to resist shopping for anything. But I have to tell you that it has not been easy. I was so tempted to buy 3 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of bathing suits and more beach coverups when I was last at Ayala mall. Phew! That was a close call for me.

I'm on my days off from work today and I'm looking for crazy ways to keep myself occupied to stay away from shopping. It has not been easy especially since I don't have access to the net lately. But I'll survive. There's always my tons of DVDs that I still haven't watched. But do wish me luck, just in case.

On me: Jockey basic tee, Promod wide-legged pants, mom's scarf worn as belt, my sister's white thongs, Charles & Keith convertible bag

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Charlie And His Wandering Eyes

So I'm such a beggar right now for hogging Bo's (a local coffee shop) free Wifi. But I'm beyond caring already 'coz I've been deprived of an internet connection for a week now and I'm telling you, it sucks BIG time!

Anyway, I called home and my mom told me that my ISP's tech guy is on their way to our place to do their tech magic. Hopefully they'll get it fixed by tomorrow. I don't think I can survive this holy week without anything to do.

So this is what I wore last Saturday night. As most of you know, I work on weekends and I thought that I would look twice the loser that I am if I also dress like I'm going to work instead of a fun night out. So I decided to wear something that I would normally wear on a night out.

The outfit may look conservative but for your information, the top I wore under that jacket is actually of the see-through kind. I thought nobody would notice but it was amazing that most guys at work did. They explained that it was natural for men especially with their wandering eyes. Ha! Such a lame excuse. That goes out for you Charlie! Lol.

On me: Giordano denim jacket, thrifted halter top, random skinny jeans, Raphaella Booz platform wedges, Charles & Keith convertible bag