Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Am The Sun

There was a power blackout today and it was just simply impossible to stay indoors without dying from heat stroke. Darn global warming! Plus, I was just too bored without my internet connection at home.
So I thought of going out to some coffee shop to shamelessly hog their free wifi and AC. But it turned out that the entire region was actually affected with the power outage. Just my luck!

Anyway, the heat was so unbearable that you'd sweat even when you're simply sitting down, even when you're fresh from a shower. It was that bad!
So I decided to go out wearing something comfortable and airy. Forget that I have arms the same size as of my thighs. I wasn't planning on dying on heat stroke.

I ended up at Bo's in BTC and met up with my dear friend, Jumax. We gossiped a little over dinner at this Jap resto and stayed up late at night while she studied and I blogged. Definitely good times!

On me: tube dress from a local shop, random racer back, People Are People sunnies, wooden bracelet from a bazaar, my sister's flats

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