Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suffering From Heat Stroke

Today, I had breakfast at Starbucks while I waited for the malls to open. Now before you guys jump at me, I want you to know that I did not go on another one of my infamous shopping spree. I just needed to run some errands, pay some bills and buy a gift for my cousin's 18th birthday.

In truth and all honesty, I wasn't even tempted to buy a single thing. At first, I was afraid something's gonna catch my eyes and I'll go berserk with wanting to buy it, but it actually felt weird that I ended up going home empty handed. Maybe I have finally instilled my self-restraint and discipline. It could also have been a side-effect of my lack of sleep. Or maybe I was just suffering from heat stroke. Ha!

(peacock feather necklace w/ cute charms I got from Icing)

Anyway, I ate Starbuck's spinach quiche. I'm surely a big fan of those French quiche, but I never thought that I would ever like spinach in this lifetime of mine. To make me eat spinach and even more, make me like it, now that's a big wow! in my book.

On me: mom's top, thrifted bubble skirt, necklace from Icing, Ann Taylor sunnies, sister's oversized bag, CMG ballet flats


stringedmusic said...

oh i love their spinach quiche. next time, call me!

and oh, i made a blogspot account. na pressure na man ko. hahaha

stringedmusic said...

and oh! that peacock thing, is that real? hope no peacocks got killed for that. environmentalist mode. haha