Friday, April 24, 2009

Adventure Up The Mountains

The weather here has been acting really weird this past week. It gets cloudy early morning, then it's really warm by noon, then come evening, it effing rains! What the hell! It freaking beats the four seasons in other countries.

(the entire wacky crew, me chillin' by the pool, the slippery waterfall we had to cross to get to the cave, us with our helmets on)

So we ended up not getting a lot of sun during our family outing a few days ago. We went to this mountain resort and were brave enough (or stupid enough) to try caving & spelunking.

(some stalactytes inside the cave, my brother coming out from the tiny cave entrance)

It was pretty intense for a couch potato like me. Lol. We had to cross this waterfall with really strong current and had to hold on to a rope for dear life. Then we had to enter this cave which barely had an opening, that we had to crawl to get in.
But dangerous as it was, I would totally do it again at a drop of a hat.

We decided to take a refreshing night swim when we got back from our mini-adventure. We definitely needed it after harassing ourselves with that climb.

On me: thrifted beach cover-up, Aeropostale back bikini (underneath), Ann Taylor pebbled sandals

This is what I wore on our last day. We had loads of ice cream before we drove home. It was a perfect way to beat the summer heat.

On me: Bench men's shirt, shorts from a bazaar, random woven belt, Ann Taylor pebbled sandals

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