Saturday, April 11, 2009

Patience Is Not One Of My Virtues

Just when I thought that my never-ending whining about my DSL provider has officially ended, it crashed and burned on me again. I came home uber excited to pick up where I left off with that romantic story I was reading online when to my dismay, I realized that I cannot connect to the internet again.

I immediately called my DSL company and tried my very best not to harass anybody today, with it being Holy Week and all. I swear I came so close to breaking that promise when I heard the same overused scripts they used on me the last time I called. Oh, how hard it is to be a saint!

Amazingly, I was actually able to fix the problem all by myself while I was on hold for 10 minutes and while I was saying to myself my new life mantra: "Patience, patience, patience..." for a hundred times. Guess it worked.

But they better not push their luck 'coz I only do this on Holy Weeks.

On me: Aeropostale "Professional Heartbreaker" shirt, thrifted jumper skirt, random patent bag, my sis' Aloha Vans footwear


sun-kissed dreamer said...

I am quite surprised Di! my very first time to see u wear canvas skimmers!

Overdressed Me said...

i know right. so not me.

it was declared that we wont be wearing business attire at work & will instead go dressdown for d entire month. i was already running out of ideas. hahaha. seriously!