Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perfectly Dysfunctional

I'm finally back with my internet connection. And I'm telling you it didn't come easy. I swear I feel bad for those poor call center reps I spoke with. I ended up asking for a supervisor because I already had enough of their well-practiced scripts used over the phone. Too bad for them I was the perfect customer from hell. Of course, I got what I wanted in the end. I had my internet back within the day.

And so, I will now officially stop my never-ending whining against them. The End.

So I've been spending my time holed up in my room watching season 1 & 2 DVDs of the series Brothers and Sisters. I love them for being the perfect all-American yet dysfunctional family.

But I can only take so much of the family drama, macho gays kissing, drugs and rehab. I don't recommend for you to watch all episodes all at once, like I did. I'm actually taking a breather from it right now. Believe me, it's not healthy, even for me.

On me: my sister's top, What A Girl Wants undershirt, thrifted skirt, Fossil necklace, Buxton laptop bag, satin MJs from Leaveland

1 comment:

stringedmusic said...

dysfunctional is good. non-conformity is good. as long as both would be on the non-psycho level then you are purrrfectly healthy. mean slasj non-conformist healthy. i need to get me a copy of the dvd. too bad it doesnt come with blood-spurting scenes.

im not sure if i could take the gay-kissing though. hmmm. we'll see.

with your outfits,d. mother teresa should make you one of the execs. lol