Thursday, April 30, 2009

On A Very Rare So-Not-Me Moment

You wouldn't believe the hell I had gone through tonight. But on a very rare so-not-me moment, I have decided not to air it out and bitch about it here. So you guys are safe today. Ha! Let's just leave it to say that after a few curses, a few tears and an episode of my tantrum, I ended up going back home for the rest of my day at work.

So I'm at home right now, bored with TV and have already overslept for the day.
Random fact: Sleep of beyond my usual 4 hours is already considered oversleeping for me.
So yeah, maybe that makes me insomniac too.

I'm keeping this short today. With my mom gone out of town, I have to feed myself. And I've been wanting to try my hand at Cajun cooking. Gawd, I miss Bubba Gump!
I've got some shrimps in the fridge and some rice that I also wanna turn java.
Crossing my fingers.

On me: Maldita top, thrifted skirt, random wooven belt, Fossil watch, Vivacci MJs, Charles & Keith bag

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