Monday, April 6, 2009

Missing In Action

I know I've been MIA for a week now. And how I wish I could say that the reason is because I've been on some grand beach getaway! But sadly, it's not the case. I have been having problems with my internet connection at home for days already. I have already managed to harass to death, short of threatening, my DSL provider over the phone. I swear, I'll personally go to their office and personally nag their socks off if this doesn't get fixed before this week ends.

I plan to go spend my coming days off from work by going to these coffee shops with free wifi and abuse them for it. Hopefully I could update you with my recent outfit posts by then.

The best I could do for now is to sneak in some online time while at work. I can still update you with my 'mini-events' in life by checking my
Plurk page or it's widget (yes, that colorful box w/ little smileys on the right side of this page.) Stalk me to death from there or be my friend on Plurk and I'd love you forever! Ha!
Later gator!

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