Monday, April 20, 2009

One Night Stand

And before my mom goes into cardiac arrest, no, I didn't just have one.
But it was what people at work thought because of what I was wearing. I didn't realize how an oversized men's shirt screams "all-nighter" until they mentioned it to me.
Well sorry guys, but I refuse to reduce myself into such a cliche.

In all honesty, I just wanted an easy and comfy thing to wear since I was meeting Jumax right after work.

And so I just replied to them, "The day that I wear this with a necktie instead for a belt, that would be the day that I actually did it."
That seemed to work in shutting them up. Ha! Me and my big, sarcastic mouth.

Reasons why I love this shirt: It used to be my dad's until he got tired of me borrowing it every other day. Lol. And I swear it's so comfy that I even once slept in it. And that was how I discovered that it's also wrinkle-free.
What more could I ask for?!

On me: dad's white shirt, Promod wide belt, Betty leggings, platform pumps from Ayala


stringedmusic said...

well, one-night stand or not, i like it. and that's saying something! i am not fashionista!

who are they to question the goddess of fashion in eP?! well i say, since when did THE D TAGALA care about what other people thought?

Let's face it D, if someone could get away with the outfit, you can. Everyone else would just look like whores fresh off a fuck.

excuse the french. ;)

Overdressed Me said...

hahaha... ppl have just gotten used to my crazy ourfits. that's why i can get away with it.

but i still like how you said it. whores, huh? HAHAHAH!!!

EternalJade said...

You don't look like you just woke up from a one night stand. You look like a fashion blogger. LOL. Honestly, that shirt is great. My dad doesn't have any clothes I could borrow, or would even consider wearing.