Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Charlie And His Wandering Eyes

So I'm such a beggar right now for hogging Bo's (a local coffee shop) free Wifi. But I'm beyond caring already 'coz I've been deprived of an internet connection for a week now and I'm telling you, it sucks BIG time!

Anyway, I called home and my mom told me that my ISP's tech guy is on their way to our place to do their tech magic. Hopefully they'll get it fixed by tomorrow. I don't think I can survive this holy week without anything to do.

So this is what I wore last Saturday night. As most of you know, I work on weekends and I thought that I would look twice the loser that I am if I also dress like I'm going to work instead of a fun night out. So I decided to wear something that I would normally wear on a night out.

The outfit may look conservative but for your information, the top I wore under that jacket is actually of the see-through kind. I thought nobody would notice but it was amazing that most guys at work did. They explained that it was natural for men especially with their wandering eyes. Ha! Such a lame excuse. That goes out for you Charlie! Lol.

On me: Giordano denim jacket, thrifted halter top, random skinny jeans, Raphaella Booz platform wedges, Charles & Keith convertible bag

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