Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silly In A Trench Coat

Trench coats remind me of New Yorkers. I imagine them hailing one of the infamous yellow cabs in the midst of bustling Time Square. It's mesmerizing to watch groves of people move so fast as if they could beat time itself.
But I know better than that. Which is why I prefer to chill in my 'ol island city.

Anyway, speaking of my island city, our weather here lately changes so often it's enough to give you whiplash.
It was raining hard on my way out to work but the minute I crossed the bridge to the city, the place was so obviously dry. I swear, I've never felt so silly wearing a trench coat before. Heck! To think, the city's just a 30-minute drive from my place.

And just a few seconds ago, I heard thunder right outside my window... and we're in the middle of the summer season.
So yeah, I'm blaming this one to global warming.

On me: thrifted dress, July shiftdress underneath, Studioline trench coat, sister's oversized bag, platform pumps from Ayala


Eden said...

hi sweetie!

thank you soo much for dropping in and leaving that really nice comment. i'm so flattered! AH, so you're dawn (little tea cup's) sister! coolness! more cebuana fashion bloggers! lavett so much. i'm actually going through your posts and i love that you have an outfit post almost daily! haha, even i can't do that. grabe jud kaau kabusy.:) according to my good girlfriend kristine (of style cebu), best be overdressed and you do it well!:)

this is seriously great news. i'm organizing man gud a cebu fashion bloggers meet-up and fashion show with Club Vudu, and of course apil mo! i'll keep you and your sister posted.:) adto bya ha, maybe in a month or two siguro.

glad to have found your blog!

much love


Overdressed Me said...

i was going by my sis' blog and saw ur comment. i so share d same sentiment u hav wen u sed that u thot u were d only around here. so glad to have found you too!

im also looking forward to more of ur posts. keep rockin' eden!

cherie said...

hi!! omg, yes we have similar dresses! buti n na lang it's a different color and style hehe. i love this outfit of yours, reminds me of the SATC (sex and the city) girls. great outfits!

p.s care to exchange links? i'd be glad to add you to my blogroll