Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dressed Down On A Sunday

This is what I wore last Sunday. Sundays are super-dress-down for us at work. But since I so hate to conform, I wore my fave dress trousers. Everybody thought I was overdressed, as usual. So this is how I define super dress down, what do you care! Lol. I just explained that the trousers were very comfy that they felt like I was wearing my PJs at my very own home.

I would also like to report to you that I'm already on my third week of shopping ban. So far I've been able to resist shopping for anything. But I have to tell you that it has not been easy. I was so tempted to buy 3 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of bathing suits and more beach coverups when I was last at Ayala mall. Phew! That was a close call for me.

I'm on my days off from work today and I'm looking for crazy ways to keep myself occupied to stay away from shopping. It has not been easy especially since I don't have access to the net lately. But I'll survive. There's always my tons of DVDs that I still haven't watched. But do wish me luck, just in case.

On me: Jockey basic tee, Promod wide-legged pants, mom's scarf worn as belt, my sister's white thongs, Charles & Keith convertible bag


stringedmusic said...

now this d, i think i can take.. this look. you can never go wrong with plain white shirt. no matter what your size it.

plus! it's perfect get-up with all the summer heat in our tropical 3rd world country!

summer!!!! dont you just loooove summers?

Overdressed Me said...

i know right. i swear this outfit was uber comfy!

and stringedmusic, u can even wear it w/ ur beloved striped scarves.