Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heartless Bitch In Love

Happy Easter Sunday y'all!!!

It seems like everybody's heading to the beach today. How I'd love to be at one too and bask under the scorching sun. Too bad I have been too lazy to make myself bikini-ready. Food simply sounded so much better compared to sweating like a pig while lifting pounds of weights.

Of course, I'm regretting this big time by now. Boohoo for me.

Anyway, I was stuck at work the whole day today and even managed to cram in time to read romance stories amidst of my impossibly busy schedule. You see, ever since I read Getting Malcolm by PinkMist, I've been hooked to Fiction Press. It's a site where talented writers get to showcase their skills to other writers and non-writers of the likes of me (read: I don't know shit about writing, even for a freaking obituary.)

Anyway, check it out yourself. They've got tons of genre to choose from. And of course, don't forget to read Getting Malcolm by PinkMist. I'm sure you'll love it! Even heartless bitch that I am wasn't able to stop myself from swooning.
Me? Swoon? I know, impossible right?!

Now, off I am to my next story, Reason and Romance.

On me: Ayala sundress, mom's cardigan, Guess skinnies, sister's oversized bag, Fossil watch, Ann Taylor sunnies, Figlia sandals

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