Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am... Angelina Fierce

How could anyone look so fierce yet so freaking gorgeous at the same time!!!
Geez, this woman has got everything already. It's reeking of unfair-ness to a low-life like me.

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And I bet she's not gonna hear the end of it from the PETA peeps with all that fur she's wearing. I would like to think that they're fake but since I'm such the pessimist, I'm gonna say that those are real. I also think our dear Angie would rather be shot than be caught wearing a fakie.

Ha! I just smiled remembering that flour attack with La Lohan in Paris.
Almost makes me feel bad for them... if only they weren't so freaking skinny and filthy rich!
Preview April 2009 cover

On another note, I just saw Preview's April 2009 cover through their website This is my fave local fashion magazine. Though I still wish InStyle weren't so effing expensive here.

Anyway, the issue has Isabelle Diaz on the cover. She is the daughter of Ms. Gloria Diaz, the first-ever Filipina Ms. Universe winner. Though the cover promises that Isabelle proves there's more to her than that. We'll see.

The cover's tag line also said "Fierce Fashion". I thought they did fierce-ness with last month's Lucy Torres' cover. Are they throwing a showdown of who does fierce best or what? And how come everybody's doing "fierce" these days? It's soooo overrated in my book.

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