Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If I Were Little Tea Cup

In my usual haste to work (all thanks to my supreme ability to procrastinate), I ended up throwing on anything I could get my hands on. And so I ended dressing as my sister, Little Tea Cup.

Funny how different our style is. I always thought she goes for anything young and dreamy, almost whimsical. And so I wasn't surprised when people at work thought I looked like Tinkerbelle or some other Disney fairy. A far cry from how my sister's friend described my style - bitchy. (Shoutout to Kendii: I still haven't gotten over that remark, by the way.)

And I'm just too tired to move an inch right now. I've been using up all my energy for the past week doing nothing but read, read some more and read everything on Fiction Press. I have been staying up late and have not been getting enough sleep for work. And not to mention that I have been slacking big time at work just so I can sneak in some more reading. In need of a major R&R.

On me: my sister's top, sister's skirt, sister's oversized bag (yep, she pretty much owns everything I'm wearing here) random wide belt, CMG ballet flats

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