Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Don't Breakfast At Tiffany's

Pearls always remind me of that movie Breakfast At Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn is so classic!
And yet, I always cringe at the thought of wearing pearls. I know they say that it's a classic jewelry that is versatile enough to be worn for both morning and night. So what the heck is wrong with me then?

Another thing that pearls remind me of is of that time when Sky and I (remember that friend of mine from the entry You're Such A Tease) saw these elegant ladies wearing pearls while we were eating at Postrio. They were so classic that Sky and I agreed right then and there that when we grow old we would still be glamorosa and wear pearls... but only the black kind.

F.Y.I My cam is kinda busted right now. The photo turns out overexposed everytime we take the photos outdoors. But they're just fine when we're indoors. Bummer! Guess I now need to get a DSLR. I wish!

On me: top from mom's closet, Ann Taylor pearls, thrifted skirt, Mags bracelet watch, SM cutout oxfords

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Loser On The Loose

I'll be off from work tomorrow, so that makes today my last day at work. Yehey for me!

Ignore the fact that I'm such a loser for working on weekends when the rest of the world is out partying. Who the heck goes out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays anyway?!!!

The only consolation I have with this hiatus I'm on right now is that it helps me with my self-imposed "shopping ban". Er, it's kinda required after all the shopping I did during my recent trip. Damn outlet stores! Honestly, the sight of my bills knocking on my door aren't such a welcome sight.

The good part is, I've been successful for 2 straight weeks. Hope this holds up 'till end of April. That's my ultimate goal. So help me God.

On me: thrifted polka-dot dress worn as a top, What A Girl Wants laced undershirt, Guess skinny jeans, Mag bracelet watch, thrifted white jacket, CMG slingback

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sun Rises in Your Eyes

I remember that everytime I'm in some beach, I always make it a point to wake up uber early so I can still watch the sun rise early in the morning. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Especially after a night of drinking and a morning of hangover ahead of me. It almost makes me forget about the hangover part.

Sadly though, I still haven't gone to any beach lately, even if summer is officially in. I still got too many issues I need to fix before I can even start enjoying summer. But ohhhh... how I'd love to escape from everything right now.

So I think I've finally decided on my new "IT" color for this year's summer. The only thing left for me to do is to finally get on my own summer escapade. Soon enough...

On me: Promod tunic dress, Kashieca skirt, random woven belt, scarf from my mom, Fossil watch, Penshoppe sunnies, Vivacci MJs, Charles & Keith convertible bag

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Damn Separation Anxiety!

Busy as a bumble bee. And by this I don't mean at all that I've been busy at work.
I wish!

Jumax wishes too.

Or not.


Jumax is my recent addition to my ever-dwindling list of true friends. She doesn't know shi*t about fashion even if her life depended on it. She can't tell the difference between a Carlos Santana pair of shoes and a Manolo. And yet, she's the coolest friend I have!
We eat lunch together and talk about love-hate relationships and we whine like Jessica Zafra on her best days. And best of all, she doesn't mind that I'm always overdressed.

I miss her terribly on weekends and I swear I hyperventilate everytime I think of April 10.
Damn separation anxiety! This one's for you Jumax... fashion guru or not.

Anyway, when I mentioned busy as a bumble bee, I meant the print on my dress. I had to be very careful not to go overboard with my accessories, else I'll end up looking like I was a freaking Christmas tree complete with blinking lights in different colors.

On me: George dress from Walmart, Promod double-strand belt, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Fossil watch, double-strand MJ platforms from Leaveland

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Story Of The Hermit

Last week, I made a personal challenge not to leave the house for 3 straight days and more importantly, not to spend a single cent while I'm at it. And it was a success! (You have to understand how tempted I was to shop online the entire time.)

Now fast forward to this week. I ended up not leaving the house, difference was, this time it was not planned at all. I originally wanted to test myself if I can still resist the temptation of shopping by subjecting myself to the sweet lure of the malls. I planned to hitch a ride with my dad who goes to see his doctor every Wednesday. But this week, he moved his session earlier due to some conflict at work.

So poor me (literally!), I ended dressing up but did not get the chance to go out. And for a minute, I had hopes that my mom would take me with her to SM (a mall) but she changed her mind and decided to go there next week when they'll be holding a sale.

Whoaaa!!! Did somebody mention a sale?!!! Ding ding ding ding!!!!!!
(Somebody really needs to work on her shopping addiction.)

On me: Bayo cardigan, thrifted tunic dress, Totes office bag, Fossil watch, Carlos Santana shoes (not pictured)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living In The Fastlane

Well, I'm off from work today and I can't find a single thing desirable to eat in our fridge. It's the middle of the night and I don't feel like going out for a little grubbin'. This is one of those times when I wished McDonald's was just right around the corner of my place. Or maybe Taco Bell. Oh boy, don't I wish for some of their berry slush right now!

But I'm back to reality, a.k.a. my tropical country. So I had to settle to popping some of that Jolly Time popcorn in the microwave. I don't give a damn if the box says it's only got light butter or 0% fat or whatever. My diet has long gone out of the window ever since I tasted fastfood. Oh, the joys of living in the fastlane.

This is what I wore to work a few days ago. I love how this skirt moves. It sways in a lovely way everytime I move. I was also trying to stay off from the usual corporate black, especially with the advent of summer. But I gotta do something with purple. Everybody's wearing it these days, even those teenage girls at Walmart. Time to look for another "It" color.

On me: thrifted cardigan, random necklace, thrifted skirt, Icing ring, Mags bracelet watch, pumps from Ayala

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Randomness @ 2 AM

So I just woke up from a 16-hour sleep. Like whoahhhh! So much wasted time sleeping when I could have gone out and done something productive in my life, for once. Reminds me of that Bond film, where this guy said "You've got plenty of time to sleep when you're dead." So true, so true.

MK at the Metropolitan Opera's 125th Anniversary Gala

I was updating myself with celebrity gossip (thanks People.com!) when I came across this photo of our dear Mary Kate Olsen. Luhv it! All that high fashion drama, who knew the girl can actually clean up well! Bravo, bravo!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Safari Adventure This Summer

I find it very predictable to think of the beach when one mentions summer. This time around, summer evoked a safari inspiration out from me. Picture this: You're right smack in the middle of an African grassland. You see cougars and zebras alike grazing around you. And since you were also born under a lucky star, you also get to see a hippo giving birth during one of your un-guided tours. (Can't get that Discovery feature out of my mind. Ha!)

I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to bring this one to reality though. Most especially with that un-guided tour I mentioned. Ha!
So to make up for the much-needed courage that I just could not muster, I just decided to dress the part instead. I even brought out my booties to complete the entire safari look.
Who knows, I might get to prove that saying "Fake it 'till you make it" true.

For the meantime, I'm turning up my AC to the fullest and will be drinking loads of that refreshingly cold bottle of Gatorade. Ahhhh... I'm all good for now!

On me: SM sheer top, What A Girl Wants undershirt, random shorts from a bazaar, Penshoppe sunnies, Promod feather necklace, Fossil watch, Charles & Keith convertible bag, SM booties

Sunday, March 22, 2009

That Summer Glow In You

Summer is officially in! What more confirmation do you need other than that blazing sun over your head? So I see everyone is off from school these days and all heading to the beach.
Now me, corporate slave that I am, is left with my mountain of a paperwork. Not the best way to enjoy summer, eh?

Here's to wishin' that I was chillin' poolside instead of that newly-mowed lawn.
But it's ok 'coz I've been planning on going on this short and quick island getaway. One of the great things of living in an island is that I'm surrounded with beaches everywhere.

And as you can see, I'm still on my so-called "heels diet". Just a few weeks more and that effing road construction will be done.

On me: thrifted sweater, unknown skinnies, Ann Taylor sunnies, Fossil trinity necklace, Fossil watch, mustard foldable bag, CMG ballet flats

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pizza, Booze and Cigs

Something new is coming my way and I'm excited like hell! I'm really hoping this change would cure this indifference that I've been suffering a lot lately.
Gahhhh... get me out of here already!!!

So I got off from work earlier than usual today so I could join a few people for some pizza, booze and cigs. It was not my usual crowd but I had a great time. It was nice to get out and get to know new people.

Still wearing my ballet flats. Hope I don't get used to this. I'd really hate it if I would break my ankles the next time I don my heels.

On me: thrifted gingham top, Tommy Hilfiger skinnies, random mustard bag, CMG

Friday, March 20, 2009

That Slumdog Millionaire

I have shared before how I have tried Korean food last week. This time I had my first Indian experience. I met quite a few people who told me amazing stories about their country. They didn't hold the truth from me, beautiful or ugly ,and I respected them more because of that. It sort of reminded me of the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Such an honest movie... so very refreshing!

Anyway, this is what I wore to work yesterday. I finally got out of the house after successfully becoming a hermit for 3 straight days. No good came out of that experience, I tell you. Well, other than plain sloth and laziness. Ha!

Notice that I wore my ballet flats. There is a road construction going on outside our village and no cars can go out or enter. Imagine that! It was all muddy and I had to walk quite a few meters just for me to get a ride. I'd be swearing and whining right now if not for the convenience I know this will bring after it's all done.

Ok, so I did whine and swear a little bit. You can't blame me, it was genetically programmed in me the minute I was born. Lol.

On me: thrifted cardigan, thrifted bubble skirt, random necklace, Ann Taylor sunnies, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Glamour4U bracelet, Fossil watch, CMG ballet flats

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never Argue With A Woman In Stilettos

It was really funny when the people at work all said that my heels are dangerous. That I could kill somebody with them or that I'd break my own neck if I trip. They all don't have any idea how comfortable they actually feel. And not to mention sexy! They simply add miles to my non-existent legs.

And to prove my point, I rode the jeepney (our crowded public transportation here) in these heels, and even walked the long street of OsmeƱa Blvd. and bought DVDs in them. Ha! I'm now Wonder Woman in their eyes.

But I think I actually scared most of them. They really think I can easily commit murder using these heels. As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So they all better watch out. Lol.

The shoes, by the way, are by Carlos Santana. I had no idea, until now, that he is a shoe designer. Who would have thought?! I checked out the rest of his designs online and I noticed that he likes sexy, strappy shoes with interesting colors & patterns. Must be why Mariah Carey, Kimora Lee and models on the runway are wearing 'em. Not bad Carlos, not bad at all!

On me: thrifted dress, Ann Taylor sunnies, Carlos Santana glads, Charles & Keith convertible bag, Fossil watch, Icing ring

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not On A Weekend Getaway

I kinda feel like going on a leisurely weekend getaway, spent in some resort or some yatch with a martini in my hand, and the sun shining brightly over my wide brimmed hat.

Sadly though, I work on weekends and can also no longer afford any more time and money to be spent away. *Sigh* One can only dream and imagine.

Anyway, this did not stop me from going easy and breezy with what I wore to work today. As they say, if you can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you. Errr... or something like that.

Ironically though, I did not spend my time just chilling in the office. I had another episode of my disorder, OCD, and ended up filing every single paper, folder and file I had pending. I've got to be the most organized person in the office by now.

I also got to go thrift shopping today. It was new arrivals day again. Yay for me!

But this will surely give my mom a headache. She has been worrying about our closet space, or the lack of it. I swear, my closet is about to burst any minute by now. I need to talk to dad 'bout getting me a new one. Hmmm... maybe I'd get to talk him into making me the walk-in kind. Ha!

On me: thrifted dress, striped shirt from Ayala, Ann Taylor sunnies, Charles & Keith convertible bag, random skinny belt, People Are People glads

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hardheaded As A Mule

Guys would say I'm such a girl since I just can't make up my mind. This is practically how my conversation with a guy friend went on for the whole day. He was pointing out to me how I endlessly bitch 'bout my half dead feet from wearing heels, then he sees me wearing even higher heels the very next day. Ha! He does have a point you know.

But just because I'm hardheaded as a mule, I went ahead and tried to prove to him that not all heels would bring your feet to the grave. A classic example is this old pair of MJs I got from People Are People. I swear they're so comfy. I didn't feel any pain at all even after I walked in them just to go out and eat lechon (our local roasted pig).

And just to irk him even more, I also wore another one of my men's-wear-inspired outfits. That Dunhill shirt I got from the men's section. I love being a girl!!!

On me: Dunhill shirt, white blazer from Surplus, Tommy Hilfiger skinnies, scarf from mom worn as headband, Fossil sunnies, Fossil watch, Totes office bag, random woven belt, People Are People MJs

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preview March 2009

Went to this Korean resto a few days ago and had my lunch there. It was my first time with Korean food since I'm such a chicken to try new things and yes, I admit that I'm kinda scared of their kimchi. But surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the whole experience even with all the Koreans singing and shouting "Aja!" at the table next to us. And I also ate sushi and also liked it, even after swearing off Japanese food.

(My turn at the pan and tongs. No acclaimed cooking skills.)

I would like to send a big shoutout of THANKS to the very sweet and nice couple, Doodz and Tanya, who brought me there and gave me a crash course on how to eat Korean food. Cheers to more of our food trips!

After our Korean food trip, we dropped by Shell Select (yes, that gasoline station's convenient store) to get my fave junkfood to take home. But I was surprised to find Preview's (our local fashion magazine) March 2009 issue by their magazine stand. I have been looking for it for days. Whoever thought I'd find it there of all places?


Here's their March cover with Lucy Torres (a local commercial model turned actress, host and product endorser.) I'm not really a big fan of her but I'm really liking her in this cover. She looks very edgy (which, by the way, is so not her!) and most importantly, she's rockin' it! Kudos to Preview for the refreshing twist they did to Lucy's sweet and meek image. And kudos to Lucy, a.k.a. Doodz's mommy (hehehe), for being fearless in this shoot.

Do visit Preview's online magazine at StyleBible.ph. But I guarantee you that the issue is sooooo much better, oozing with amazing stuff that would already cover you for the whole summer duration. So go now and grab your own copy asap... at the bookstore, magazine stand, or even Shell Select, nearest to you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Ballerina In A Tutu

I have been tempting fate lately by coming in to work practically just mere seconds away from being late.
I'm always in such a hurry to a point that I'm putting on my makeup inside a moving vehicle... and with no sufficient light 'coz it's at freaking nighttime!
(Yes, even the eyeliner. Hard, but very possible. Ha!)

I blame all these on my supreme ability to procrastinate. I don't get up from my bed, not until the last possible minute. And I have to practically drag myself to go take a shower.
Is it just me or have you had one of those days too?

(Louis Vuitton and Ann Taylor hinged cuff bracelets)

All these running to work at the eleventh hour weren't so good while wearing those 4-inch heels. It's probably why my feet are now half-dead.
So I was really glad for the weekends. They mean that I can go to work dressed down and for the first time, I actually appreciated flats.

My officemates said I looked like I was wearing a tutu for a ballet class... which is funny 'coz I don't know how to dance even if my life depended on it. How much more executing a multiple rotation pirouette?!

On me: thrifted polka dot shiftdress, sister's purple cardigan, Ann Taylor clear-rimmed sunnies, Betty leggings, Fossil long necklace, Fossil watch, Icing ring, gifted bag from mom & dad, LV and Ann Taylor bracelets, CMG ballet flats

Friday, March 13, 2009

One Week After

I'm running late for work right now, so I'm gonna make this a quick one.

I've been very busy today at work. Which is why I've been lagging on this blog. As my sister said, I haven't quite caught up yet with everything from my recent vacation.
What the heck! It's already been a week.

Randomness: It still surprises me everytime it rains these past few days... in the middle of our summer season. I should have learned by now that one can never trust the weather... along with taxes.

On me: sister's silver top, thrifted skirt, Mags bracelet watch, random wide belt, sister's turquoise ring, gifted bag from mom & dad, Ayala platform pumps

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast At Tiffany's

I was pretty excited with my breakfast at The Gustavian this morning. I first fell in love with their original branch's rustic gourmet kitchens and old flair feel. Then I heard from my sister that the European restaurant had opened a branch nearby, which is practically a 5-minute drive from my place. How convenient is that!

Went there this morning and had some of their homemade donuts and sandwiches. I also shopped for some greens, cheese and deli for my own homemade sandwiches.
Random fact about me: I'm a big sandwich-eater.

I also brought a date along with me for breakfast. Meet Ban-Ban.

This little cuddler was actually given to me by a friend from where I used to work. And Ban-Ban got his name from the checkered band-aid by his paw.

I'm also posting these photos as a shoutout to Marvin, Tzietel and Cathy. Miss you guys a lot!

And yeah, I'm still rockin' those scarves that I wear as a headband. And just a warning, there'll be more to come since my mom got me loads of these. Me thinks it's a cool way to wear 'em for summer.

On me: thrifted polka-dot shift dress, random shorts from a bazaar, Promod feather necklace, Italian scarf worn as headband, People Are People sunnies, White Stag animal-print bag, SM oxfords

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worst Day To Wear 4-Inch Heels

I have flown back and forth, carried my luggages and shopped in these shoes, but only now did it ever hurt my feet. I walked our floor at work to attempt to assist my team with our new system. But my feet were already dead within just a few hours. All I wanted to do was escape and go home to soak my feet in a refreshing tub of hot water.

It was all my fault. I should have remembered that it was the worst day to wear 4-inch heels.

(Totes office bag, Penshoppe sunnies, Esprit mustard scarf, Life by Esprit spray)

Got this mustard scarf during my recent US trip. I've been looking for this for months back home but sadly couldn't find one. So when I finally saw this in Esprit, I immediately grabbed them and didn't even look at the price. This, I later on realized, was a huge mistake because they didn't come cheap. Hehehe.

On me: Maldita cardigan top, Promod wide-legged trousers, Esprit mustard scarf, random wide belt, platform pumps from Ayala

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Regular Serving

Went to work today again... naturally.

Funny how an officemate of mine made a comment that I looked normal today. Which was actually true. I just wore an old shirt of mine with a pair of jeans. I could not have been any plainer. I just wore this new pair of shoes that my mom and I both got during a recent shopping excursion.

MJs from Vivacci (SM Dept. store)

I know I'm broke like crazy but the shoes were on sale and I just couldn't resist. My mom got the one in silver while I got the one in rust, since I respond better to warm tones. I just hated that it didn't really give me the height that I so badly need. But the color's too adorable.

I also wore this long necklace I got during my US trip. Got them from Fossil. I had no idea that they now sell accessories. They also carry a few designer watches, like that Michael Kors animal-print that I saw in Florida. I regret not getting it 'coz I'm still dreaming of it 'till now.

Fossil necklace with heart pendant