Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Regular Serving

Went to work today again... naturally.

Funny how an officemate of mine made a comment that I looked normal today. Which was actually true. I just wore an old shirt of mine with a pair of jeans. I could not have been any plainer. I just wore this new pair of shoes that my mom and I both got during a recent shopping excursion.

MJs from Vivacci (SM Dept. store)

I know I'm broke like crazy but the shoes were on sale and I just couldn't resist. My mom got the one in silver while I got the one in rust, since I respond better to warm tones. I just hated that it didn't really give me the height that I so badly need. But the color's too adorable.

I also wore this long necklace I got during my US trip. Got them from Fossil. I had no idea that they now sell accessories. They also carry a few designer watches, like that Michael Kors animal-print that I saw in Florida. I regret not getting it 'coz I'm still dreaming of it 'till now.

Fossil necklace with heart pendant

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