Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worst Day To Wear 4-Inch Heels

I have flown back and forth, carried my luggages and shopped in these shoes, but only now did it ever hurt my feet. I walked our floor at work to attempt to assist my team with our new system. But my feet were already dead within just a few hours. All I wanted to do was escape and go home to soak my feet in a refreshing tub of hot water.

It was all my fault. I should have remembered that it was the worst day to wear 4-inch heels.

(Totes office bag, Penshoppe sunnies, Esprit mustard scarf, Life by Esprit spray)

Got this mustard scarf during my recent US trip. I've been looking for this for months back home but sadly couldn't find one. So when I finally saw this in Esprit, I immediately grabbed them and didn't even look at the price. This, I later on realized, was a huge mistake because they didn't come cheap. Hehehe.

On me: Maldita cardigan top, Promod wide-legged trousers, Esprit mustard scarf, random wide belt, platform pumps from Ayala

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