Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming Soon: Summer

So you all have been hearing me bitchin' bout the cold here, me being a tropical gurl and all. While all of my friends back home are complaining about the hot weather we're having there. Lucky b*stards! I now sooooo wanna go home and feel the heat, 'coz I smell SUMMER baybeh!

(24th & Ocean halter bikini, J. Crew nautical Chino shorts, Maidenform boyshort undies)

I'm usually out a lot at the beach during this time of the year. Seriously, I'm always at some beach out of town every weekend. And I say that one must make serious preparations, so I bought quite a chunk of items here that I can use for summer back home. It's all about colors. I can't wait!

(Speed Control maxi dress, Nine West mustard purse, Nobo nautical tripe sundress)

But first, I must lose all the weight I gained during my stay here. I'm serious when I tell you that I gained like more than 10 lbs. in less than 2 weeks. Now how in the world can I get into those bikinis that I bought?!!!! Must-lose-weight, and like ASAP!

(Aeropostale halter bikini, more cutey Maidenform boyshort undies)

There are still some other small stuff that I bought but I can no longer remember where I packed them. They just have to wait when I get home. And yes, I promise to post all these babies when I finally get to wear them. I miss my outfit posts too.

(Ann Taylor beaded flip flops)

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sun-kissed dreamer said...

i can see someone's really having a super gooooood time shopping!! :D

loving all ur buys, Di!
im feelin' the nautical shorts! :)