Monday, March 16, 2009

Hardheaded As A Mule

Guys would say I'm such a girl since I just can't make up my mind. This is practically how my conversation with a guy friend went on for the whole day. He was pointing out to me how I endlessly bitch 'bout my half dead feet from wearing heels, then he sees me wearing even higher heels the very next day. Ha! He does have a point you know.

But just because I'm hardheaded as a mule, I went ahead and tried to prove to him that not all heels would bring your feet to the grave. A classic example is this old pair of MJs I got from People Are People. I swear they're so comfy. I didn't feel any pain at all even after I walked in them just to go out and eat lechon (our local roasted pig).

And just to irk him even more, I also wore another one of my men's-wear-inspired outfits. That Dunhill shirt I got from the men's section. I love being a girl!!!

On me: Dunhill shirt, white blazer from Surplus, Tommy Hilfiger skinnies, scarf from mom worn as headband, Fossil sunnies, Fossil watch, Totes office bag, random woven belt, People Are People MJs

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