Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not On A Weekend Getaway

I kinda feel like going on a leisurely weekend getaway, spent in some resort or some yatch with a martini in my hand, and the sun shining brightly over my wide brimmed hat.

Sadly though, I work on weekends and can also no longer afford any more time and money to be spent away. *Sigh* One can only dream and imagine.

Anyway, this did not stop me from going easy and breezy with what I wore to work today. As they say, if you can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to you. Errr... or something like that.

Ironically though, I did not spend my time just chilling in the office. I had another episode of my disorder, OCD, and ended up filing every single paper, folder and file I had pending. I've got to be the most organized person in the office by now.

I also got to go thrift shopping today. It was new arrivals day again. Yay for me!

But this will surely give my mom a headache. She has been worrying about our closet space, or the lack of it. I swear, my closet is about to burst any minute by now. I need to talk to dad 'bout getting me a new one. Hmmm... maybe I'd get to talk him into making me the walk-in kind. Ha!

On me: thrifted dress, striped shirt from Ayala, Ann Taylor sunnies, Charles & Keith convertible bag, random skinny belt, People Are People glads

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