Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast At Tiffany's

I was pretty excited with my breakfast at The Gustavian this morning. I first fell in love with their original branch's rustic gourmet kitchens and old flair feel. Then I heard from my sister that the European restaurant had opened a branch nearby, which is practically a 5-minute drive from my place. How convenient is that!

Went there this morning and had some of their homemade donuts and sandwiches. I also shopped for some greens, cheese and deli for my own homemade sandwiches.
Random fact about me: I'm a big sandwich-eater.

I also brought a date along with me for breakfast. Meet Ban-Ban.

This little cuddler was actually given to me by a friend from where I used to work. And Ban-Ban got his name from the checkered band-aid by his paw.

I'm also posting these photos as a shoutout to Marvin, Tzietel and Cathy. Miss you guys a lot!

And yeah, I'm still rockin' those scarves that I wear as a headband. And just a warning, there'll be more to come since my mom got me loads of these. Me thinks it's a cool way to wear 'em for summer.

On me: thrifted polka-dot shift dress, random shorts from a bazaar, Promod feather necklace, Italian scarf worn as headband, People Are People sunnies, White Stag animal-print bag, SM oxfords


Anonymous said...

Di! i looove the top! mine na! lol kapal. :D im so inlove with poka dots.. :) me likey ur top so much :)

Overdressed Me said...

my sister's also in love w/ polka dots. me, i juz like it coz it's black.

id give this to u but i think it'll be too big for you.