Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Ballerina In A Tutu

I have been tempting fate lately by coming in to work practically just mere seconds away from being late.
I'm always in such a hurry to a point that I'm putting on my makeup inside a moving vehicle... and with no sufficient light 'coz it's at freaking nighttime!
(Yes, even the eyeliner. Hard, but very possible. Ha!)

I blame all these on my supreme ability to procrastinate. I don't get up from my bed, not until the last possible minute. And I have to practically drag myself to go take a shower.
Is it just me or have you had one of those days too?

(Louis Vuitton and Ann Taylor hinged cuff bracelets)

All these running to work at the eleventh hour weren't so good while wearing those 4-inch heels. It's probably why my feet are now half-dead.
So I was really glad for the weekends. They mean that I can go to work dressed down and for the first time, I actually appreciated flats.

My officemates said I looked like I was wearing a tutu for a ballet class... which is funny 'coz I don't know how to dance even if my life depended on it. How much more executing a multiple rotation pirouette?!

On me: thrifted polka dot shiftdress, sister's purple cardigan, Ann Taylor clear-rimmed sunnies, Betty leggings, Fossil long necklace, Fossil watch, Icing ring, gifted bag from mom & dad, LV and Ann Taylor bracelets, CMG ballet flats

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