Monday, March 30, 2009

A Loser On The Loose

I'll be off from work tomorrow, so that makes today my last day at work. Yehey for me!

Ignore the fact that I'm such a loser for working on weekends when the rest of the world is out partying. Who the heck goes out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays anyway?!!!

The only consolation I have with this hiatus I'm on right now is that it helps me with my self-imposed "shopping ban". Er, it's kinda required after all the shopping I did during my recent trip. Damn outlet stores! Honestly, the sight of my bills knocking on my door aren't such a welcome sight.

The good part is, I've been successful for 2 straight weeks. Hope this holds up 'till end of April. That's my ultimate goal. So help me God.

On me: thrifted polka-dot dress worn as a top, What A Girl Wants laced undershirt, Guess skinny jeans, Mag bracelet watch, thrifted white jacket, CMG slingback

1 comment:

stringedmusic said...

i dont think you are a loser D, it's the your RD. hehehehe

seriously, your RD helps you with staying away from the mall - so thank your Gods for that.

Plus, there aren't really a lot of interesting things going on. it's the same shit. drink. drunk. hangover. same effin' routine. same effect.