Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me And My Battle Scars

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and the entire family decided to celebrate it by doing a paintball challenge. My bro thought I would suck at it and boy was he right! Lol.

I was screaming the entire time and was sweating like the pig that I am with the heavy gear that we had to wear. Shorts, sleeveless tops and slippers were not allowed. So I had to dig up for my old jeans and shirts just in case the paintball would leave a stain. It took me twice the time for me to dress "rugged". It was such a task. Ha!

But I'm telling you I had loads of fun! I've got bruises all over me, even right up my ass. Seriously. I decided to aptly call them as my battle scars. I feel really sore right now even when I type. Ouch!

But it was all worth it!!!!

This is what I wore after the game. We went out for dinner at this barbecue place where we practically ordered everything on the menu. We were that famished after all the adrenaline rush.

As crazy as my family is, I love them to death. And now we're planning another escapade for my father's coming birthday. Maybe we'll do caving and spelunking this time.
Hahaha... Told ya we're all crazy!

On me: mom's white tunic, SM spaghetti top, random beads, leggings from SM, Raphaella Booz wedges, Girbaud bag

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stringedmusic said...

you remind me of forrest gump - and i am not talking about the fashion sense okay?! no no, im talking about the battle scar on you ass... hahaha nice to know somebody in our side of the atmosphere is having fun.