Friday, May 15, 2009

Lakers Vs. Rockets

Contrary to popular belief, I do have a social life and I also do have friends. I do sometimes leave my hole of a room to see what the rest of the world is up to.

So I conveniently prepared a couple of evidence for you to prove my point. Check out the photos from my last day out with my friends. I met up with them this morning for some bacon and pancakes for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop.

Exhibit A: Jumax & boss Emmy

Jumax here is flying to Manila next month for her architecture board exams. I'm very sure she'll do so well with her exams since she's been holed up with her books for months already. Talk about pressure! And I'm so gonna miss this gurl.

While Emmy here is literally my boss at work. So you totally would understand why I can't say anything bad about her. This is probably me kissing ass with her. Hahaha!
Seriously, she's the very epitome of grace under pressure, which I always admired and wished I possessed too..

Exhibit B: Rap & Moi

Now Rap here is one lucky, overpaid person. She has a very positive outlook and is a big fan of sports. In fact, while we were chatting over breakfast, she had the realtime gamecast of Lakers and Rockets' game 6 on my lappie.

And because they're all my friends, it was just natural for them to take turns in taking my photos. I'm so gonna quote Rap when she said, "Fashion first before sports." She couldn't have said it better. After all, I don't know shit about sports.

On me: random T-shirt, Promod fitted vest, Tommy Hilfiger skinnies, Aloha Vans


stringedmusic said...

yay! finally i have pics on your popular blog! proud to be friends with you too, Queen D! hahaha

BOs Coffee Fridays ROCK! Dontcha think? :)

ana b. said...

Looks like fun times! Maybe I should start gathering up evidence that i don't just sit in front of the computer all day long too ;) Very cute post.

xoxo krisler xoxo said...

i am not really a big fan of sports..hehe..

Anonymous said...

wow...kamao nako mag comment. wahahaha. ngano diay wla ko picture sa imong blog????

tzietel said...

hope this works...

Overdressed Me said...

@Anonymous/Tzietel: that's bcoz ur not here. come back home. now na!