Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Truth Of The Matter Is

Aside from being overdressed 80% of the time, the simple truth is that I'm just one simple girl. Seriously, no kidding.

And to prove my point to you guys, I'm giving you a special private tour to my daily bag of magic tricks (or not!). You see, I have been lugging around oversized bags for like the longest time but you'd be surprised at how little I carry inside it. A guy officemate of mine before once commented that I don't do the bag size any justice. Ha!

my trusty Charles & Keith convertible bag
Motorola flip phone

iPod Nano w/ d uber cute angel silicone protector

Bath & Body irresistible apple body spray

my omnipresent sunnies

Nine West mustard wallet

Penshoppe cheek tint

Revlon Pink in the Afternoon lipstick

Revlon Pink Afterglow gloss

And this is entirely non-fashion related, but these are what I have been eating lately.

I bought tons of BreadTalk's pizza bread so it's all I've been eating for the past few days. The cake was the one I got for mom on Mother's Days and we've also got some ice cream in the fridge, strawberry & chocolate.

Oh lord, this is not helping my weight at all!

1 comment:

Eden said...

my problem exactly, i keep on eating these days. sigh.:(

u know, i'm so shy of showing my bag.. tons of crap in it! hehe. btw, see you at the Gustavian-terraces this friday? i already invited dawn. fashion show/photo exhibit/blogger meet.up. hehe. tine (stylecebu) and yves (urbanharlequin) will be there as well. hope to see you!

much love