Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer's Not Over Yet

It has been raining a lot lately so it seems like the rainy season is well on it's way.
But please not before I get to go on my long-overdue summer escapade to Palawan. Lord, I beg of you to please hold off those rain clouds and so I can enjoy some sun before summer officially ends.

I'm short of killing myself right now just so I can go on this freaking trip. Due to the necessary adjustment I had with my schedule at work, I will end up working for 9 straight days just so I can have the 5 days off from work to fly to Palawan.
Some people actually call this suicide and I'd probably go crazy, but I'll take the risk.

This trip better be worth it. Else, I'm so gonna throw a fit. Mark my words.

On me: thrifted shirt dress worn underneath, random belt, thrifted purple cardigan, platform pumps from Ayala


Eden said...

good luck to your trip to palawan! wow, always a dream to go there.:) btw, will you be joining us this friday for the Havaianas event in Formo?

much love


cherie said...

show pictures of the Palawan trip! your styling is just gorgeous :D