Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been so brave the past week... shopping around in heels!

And because of this, I'm currently nursing a sprain. I have to stay off my foot & avoid weights, doctor's orders. But watevs! I work for a living too, you know. So I borrowed my sis' flats and went to work.

I took off the bandages around my foot. They were just annoying!

The flats were supposed to be tied up around your ankle. However due to my very obvious lack of height, I just tied them all around in one place to avoid cutting my leg any shorter. **The photo's angle also doesn't help me any.**

Here's a close shot of my red skinny belt. I think I bought all colors available.

On me: Jockey basic tee, thrifted skirt, skinny belt from SM dept. store & flats from my sis

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